Sunny Leone: Wanted to be a “Children Nurse”

Sunny Leone has great love for children. This was the reason that she wanted to become a nurse of small children.

In Sunny’s family through Sarogesi, two sons had arrived in March this year. Sunny and her husband, Daniel Webber, had last year adverted a girl named Nisha Kaur Weber. If Sunny was not in the film industry then she would be a pediatric nurse. This is what Sunny Leone said in the famous Shows Lights Camera Action of Talking to, Entertainment Editor of Parag Raidkar, Sunny opened many roles on her life and film career.

Sunny told that, I have also done several volunteer work related to pediatrics. Because I love children, I wish I could become a pediatric nurse. Sunny said about the recent biopic web series, Karanjit Kaur The Untold Story, that I did not think people would love it so much. I knew people had a lot of curiosity with me. They want to know about me.

That’s why I always wanted to see all those who are my real story. Initially, I told many production houses and producers my story, so most of them told me a lot of changes in it. Someone said it would have to be glamorous so someone said that the story will have to be changed. But I did not have to do this. After this it was finally made, in which my true story is.