Supplier Bosch Wants to Vevelop Vehicle Computers

Supplier Bosch wants to develop vehicle computers for all areas; orders worth billions have already been made. The new division with 17,000 specialists will start in January.

The battle for vehicle computers could seriously upset the balance of power in the auto industry. In a recent Handelsblatt interview, Bosch boss Volkmar Denner said he was “well prepared” for this dispute. Now it is clear why: The world’s largest automotive supplier has already received billions in orders for the brain and nervous system of future cars.

Orders with a volume of around 2.5 billion euros have been added since this summer alone. “The total number of orders is now in the mid to high single-digit billion range,” confirmed a group spokeswoman.

Bosch is thus clearly overtaking its main competitor, Continental, which reported an order volume of four billion euros for vehicle computers. The Dax group from Hanover is the supplier for the ID.3 electric car from Volkswagen. The Swabians, on the other hand, keep a low profile when it comes to the names of their customers. In total, there are at least ten major orders around the world.

Bosch vehicle computers have been controlling driver assistance systems and vehicle movements in production vehicles since 2019. Central computers for cockpit functions and body electronics will be added shortly. “Vehicle computers hold enormous business potential for Bosch,” says the responsible Bosch managing director Harald Kroger.


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