Bosch, Fiat-Chrysler Pay Millions

The dispute in the US for excessive emissions Fiat-Chrysler apparently wants to settle with the payment of a million in the mid to upper three-digit range. This was reported by several news agencies on Wednesday.

According to agencies, Fiat-Chrysler should be able to pay more than 650 million dollars. According to flow $ 311 million dollars to the US government and California regulators. About 280 million dollars are provided for damaged car owners. Another $ 72 million to end complaints from other states.

Fiat-Chrysler has reached an agreement with the US Department of Justice for more than $ 700 million. In addition, the German supplier Bosch, who supplied some components for the diesel engines, will pay $ 30 million. Bloomberg reports that Fiat-Chrysler will pay less than $ 500 million.

An official announcement of the agreement is expected by the US Department of Justice on Thursday. Fiat-Chrysler and Bosch did not comment on the information.