Taiwan Stocks Lost Again

Although the US stock market continued to fluctuate and strengthened, the Asian stock market only fluctuated within a narrow range.

The Taiwan stock market weighted index opened at a rate of 28.92 points today (20), although it rose nearly 50 points and recovered 10900. Point the level, but then see the selling pressure to make the index turn black, the lowest to 10835.98 points.

The weighted index of Taiwan stocks has not been able to break through the monthly and seasonal counter-pressures. Most of the large-weight stocks were under pressure, and they fell more than 2%. Guoju, Far East New, Heshuo, Kecheng, Hongzhun, Uni-President and MediaTek fell more than 1%, and China Light and Power, South Asia Branch, Hon Hai, Sinosteel, Innolux, Delta, Development, Yongfeng, Guangbao, ASUS and South Asia were also under pressure. .

Among the weighted stocks, Advantech rose more than 1.5%, and Da Liguang, TSMC, Fubon Gold, Guotaijin, Yali, Zhongshou, Baocheng, and Taiwan’s Dahetai Plastics Co., Ltd. were on the plate, providing some support. .

From the perspective of the finer group, the biotech performance is the hottest, and it is encouraged by Haoding and Kezhen to lock up the daily limit, and Kangsheng has risen more than 8%, and the research and development has increased by 7%, and the double beauty and nanomedicine materials have risen by half. Around the root stop, Yi Da, Mei Shi, Yu Ya, Jian Ya, Jude, Heyi, Kang You – KY, Jing Yue, Xu Fu, Jia Yi and Da Er skin rose above 2%.

And Baoling Fujin, Taifu-KY, Qiaoshan rose 1%, Zodeng-KY, White, Kanglian-KY, Shengda, Taiyao and Sinochem, Yaohua, Jianqiao, Ancheng and Zhongyu, etc. They are all stable on the plate. The passive component group saw a slight decline today. The national giant showed a broken bottom pattern. The intraday pull back to the flat disk. Huaxinke also kept the red plate, which made Kylie New, Dayi and Meiyu rise by 3%. Kaimei and Wo Shentang, Xinchangdian and Honeyview all increased by more than 1%. Yuan Datou Gu pointed out that the US tariff of 200 billion U.S. dollars will rise to 25% on January 1 next year. Therefore, the U.S.-China trade war cannot be interpreted as a bad one. It can only be said that this window is empty. The period was soothed, and then rebounded with the technical downturn. Although the stocks in the electronic stocks are still the market preference, the sales status of the new iPhone is still to be reviewed. The Cathay Pacific Securities Research Department further stated that it is noteworthy that Taiwan International Smart Energy Week will be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, and the joint renewable energy will be formed by the merger of three solar energy companies, Sunlight, Silicon and Sun. It was listed on October 1st, and despite the oversupply of the industry, there is still a chance for the technical sector to continue to rebound.