Taiwan Stocks Rose Strongly

The new Taiwan dollar renewed its strength on Monday, appreciated by 4.9 cents

Taiwan’s weighted index jumped sharply to rewrite historical highs. The domestic foreign exchange market showed strong strength against the US dollar on Monday. The plate once appreciated sharply by 2.21 angle, rushing to the price of 29.335 yuan. Coupled with the U.S. dollar index falling to a new low in the past two years, the New Taiwan dollar strengthened all the way on Monday. The central bank continued to enter the market in late trading, and the increase sharply shrank to 4.9 cents to close.

Foreign exchange traders pointed out that due to the weakening of the U.S. dollar, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Japanese yen, Korean won, and Thai baht have all appreciated against the U.S. dollar. The South Korean won is stronger than the New Taiwan dollar. The New Taiwan dollar appreciated by 0.32%, while the Korean won appreciated by 0.44%.

The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar against the U.S. dollar closed at 29.507 yuan on Monday. Compared with the previous trading day, the exchange rate of the Taiwan dollar appreciated by 4.9 cents. The highest inter-bank transaction price of New Taiwan Dollar against the US dollar was 29.335 yuan, the lowest transaction price was 29.540 yuan, and the transaction volume was US$790 million.

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The new Taiwan dollar renewed its strength on Monday, appreciated by 4.9 cents.

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