Tesla Concept Stocks Rise Against the Trend

Tesla-related concept stocks became the market focus on the disk. Benefited from Tesla’s battery day presentation on the 22nd, especially battery-related CommScope (4739) and Megima (4721) showed bucking growth.

Tesla is about to hold a shareholder meeting and will also hold a battery day event on the same day. Tesla CEO Musk is the first to announce that a series of exciting new highlights will be revealed. The market is expected to announce the million-mile level New batteries, or announced plans to increase production, encouraged Tesla’s stock price to rise 18.7% in the past week.

Looking further, today’s Tesla concept stocks in Qiaoxin and Huacheng rose more than 3%, BizLink-KY, Shunde, and Juhe rose more than 2%, while Jiang Shen, CommScope, Tongzhi, and Majestic Marathon, Taiwan Ban, Jianlin and other stocks showed gains.

The legal person believes that despite the previous production interruption due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, due to the substantial growth of the Chinese market and the new car effect of Model Y in the North American market, Tesla has not changed its goal of delivering 500,000 vehicles in 2020. .

Looking forward to 2021, considering the launch of China’s domestic Model Y and the Cybertruck pickup truck will be launched in the second half of next year, it is expected that Tesla will still be in a strong product cycle. With the corresponding increase in production capacity in North America and Shanghai, it is expected that Tesla will be in 2021. The production and sales capacity will move towards 800,000 vehicles, and the market outlook for related concept stocks is prosperous.

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