The 4 Most Popular Scents of Diptic Fragrance

From the diptyque, a portable perfume “Parfand Voyage Eau de Toilette” is now available. Diptic Aoyama will be released on July 2, 2020 (Thursday), and will be released nationwide from Thursday, July 23 after being pre-released at the official online store.

Diptic’s new Parfand Voyage Eau De Toilette is a perfume that can be carried around and becomes a “amulet for travel.” You can wear the 4 most popular scents of diptic fragrance anytime, anywhere.

Do Son: A refreshing and sensual floral with Tube Rose as the main character, Turkish Rose and Iris.
Aurose: A floral aroma that expresses the scent of rose that changes over time.

Audeance: A fragrance that changes from citrus notes based on orange blossom or bitter orange to spicy woody notes.
Philosikos: A scent that feels like a whole bottle of “wild fig tree” from leaves to fruits to bark.

Combine chips to make your own bottle

The package has a design inspired by the information boards that were once installed at airports and train stations. In the black cylinder, you can fit your favorite from a total of 72 chips with letters, numbers and star marks, and you can customize it to your own item.

Refillable fragrance on hand

*Can be refilled from fragrance bottles (50ml, 100ml) with the same scent of Diptic.
The patented design allows you to refill your fragrance bottle with the same scent you already own without spilling. The Parfando Voyage Eau De Toilette plastic nozzle is placed exactly on top of the plastic shaft of the fragrance bottle and the light squeeze pushes the fragrance into the container.