The Best Salad Recipes for the Summer

Here you have RECIPES of original summer salads. Easy and quick homemade salad recipes to make a good summer menu.

The best of these temperatures are all the possibilities that we have to enjoy summer recipes that we can leave prepared beforehand and are very good. It’s time to improvise in the kitchen with cold dishes and taste healthy, tasty and rich ingredients.

Summer salads with pasta are one of the most recurrent options because they are very easy to make and also combine vegetables with the carbohydrate of the pasta, so it becomes a very complete dish to serve single dish.

As for the recipe, there are many ways to do it, but we’re going to show you our summer salad with your favorite pasta. To make it you need the pasta that you like the most , cherry tomatoes and some salad vegetables such as spinach, basil, lettuce or lamb’s lettuce. Then you can accompany it with other ingredients such as mushrooms, eggplant or zucchini. To make it more complete you can also add a little chicken or meat to provide protein and some olives to give it more flavor. To dress it we opted for a vinaigrette based on rose sauce and oregano.

These are our pasta salads for the summer:

Summer salads in cesar style
This is probably one of the most famous summer salads. There are many different recipes of cesar salad but what you can not miss is the classic cesar sauce made with anchovies, lemon, cheese and mustard. Later we will show you how to make it and also how to make the salad that goes with it. Read on to discover how to make summer salads in a cesar style.

To make our cesar sauce we will need an egg, a little oil, four salted anchovies, one tablespoon of Perrins sauce, half of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of mustard, another of lemon juice, half a clove of garlic, 50 grams of Parmesan cheese and black pepper. Then it would be enough to beat all the ingredients as if it were a homemade mayonnaise.

As for the salad we have to do, what should not be missing is the crispy chicken and the lettuce. Then we can add cheese cubes and some picastostes to have more flavor.

Summer salads with rice
The salad with rice is also a classic among the classics in summer salads. In fact we can also find many different ways to make summer salads with rice although we leave you here our favorite way down here.

To make this summer salad with rice you need broccoli, rice, ham and nuts that can be from pine nuts or almonds to nuts, the ones you like the most. The only thing we have to do is put all the ingredients in a bowl, with a little rice already done and we season it with a little oil, vinegar and salt. If you prefer, you can opt for a little soy sauce.

Summer salads with chickpeas
Summer salads with chickpeas are perfect for when we want to eat something rich, healthy, easy and quick to make. Here we give you our best recipe for summer salads with chickpeas.

To make this salad, you will need a few basil leaves, a sprig of piquillo, onion, black grapes and chickpeas. First prepare the chickpeas separately, cleaning them and letting them drain for a few hours. And now let’s go with the rest of the ingredients.

First cut the basil leaves. You can cut it into smaller pieces or leave the whole leaf, however you like it. Then, cut the piquillo peppers into small pieces and then add the onion in slices. After, let’s go

Chicken salad is a fresh and tasty dish typical of the summer. It can be served as a tasty appetizer, second cold or a decidedly light single dish: everything depends on the ingredients with which it is prepared. The chicken cut normally used is the breast, the leanest, very digestible and versatile. It is appreciated for its nutritional properties and is easy to cook.

Whether you are looking for the traditional recipe, the American Caesar’s salad, the colorful Brazilian variant or you want to discover new and delicious original ideas, Sale & Pepe has selected for you the top ten of the best chicken salad recipes.

Try the strong taste of chicken salad with tzatziki sauce: only 150 calories for a Greek-inspired second with all the flavor and beneficial properties of yogurt. The tzatziki sauce is based on cucumber, garlic and yogurt, easy to prepare and ready in a moment, excellent to accompany meat, fish and vegetables, typical of Greek cuisine and also widespread in the southern Balkans.

Or focus on the freshness of chicken and exotic fruit salad: add dried mango, papaya, pineapple and ginger to the meat and create an original variant of the classic chicken salad, rich in vitamins and low in calories.

Do you want a dish with a delicious traditional flavor? Here is the chicken salad: use the chicken breast to prepare the broth and, once cooked, remove it, let it dry and cool, then cut it into strips. Combine them with onion rings, tomato wedges, sliced ​​celery and black olives.

To be used as a main course or as a main course, the chicken breast with couscous is an elegant and simple dish: golden slices of chicken breast are served next to courgettes with garden aromas, accompanied by a very aromatic couscous.

For a nice presentation that your guests will enjoy, prepare the salad with chicken, mimosa, celery and mayonnaise: it is a flowery and inviting explosion, to be served in glasses. To accompany the white meat of the chicken there are, in addition to vegetables, scented primroses and violets.

If you like the unusual combinations, then the meat is combined with the flavors of the sea with the chicken, shrimp and avocado salad, a tasty single dish that contains an original mix of ingredients (there are also pineapples and cashews! ). The salad is seasoned with an oil emulsion, lime and lemon juice, salt and pepper.