The Bug in the Galaxy S10 Allows to Unlock the Device with Fingerprint

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is, with permission of the brand (and controversial) Fold Galaxy, mobile flagship of the Korean company and undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated in the market; This sophistication takes on a special role precisely in the field of security, where the manufacturer has invested in cutting-edge technology to keep the mobile content protected at all times. However, a British marriage has discovered with stupor that, under certain circumstances, anyone can unlock the device by fingerprint identification. Samsung is aware of the problem and is already working on a patch to solve this serious problem.

Lisa Neilson bought on eBay a cover incorporating a screen saver for your brand new smartphone and discovered surprised that her husband was able to unlock his own mark, not registered on the device. The fingerprint sensor device was one of the arguments for stronger sales employees by the company and on the website of the product refers precisely to the system as “trusted security” (strong security), referring to the complex ultrasonic system equipment such sensor. What exactly happened?

An air bubble and Samsung’s immediate response
I affected, according to the story, contacted immediately with the telephone support from Samsung, who, after controlling device settings remotely, confirmed that it was a safety issue. The manufacturer has learned from past mistakes, since, on this occasion, the reaction has been immediate: Samsung admits the security breach and urges the owners of the device to be attentive to an urgent update in which the manufacturer is currently working .

Samsung has confirmed the country that is “working on a security patch” and that in any case, is “investigating the case” whose solution will come through this software update device. While there is still no official explanation as to what could have happened, the first suspicions fall on a possible air bubble that would remain when installing this type of screen protector that would somehow disable the effectiveness of the sensor.

The consequences of this incident have not been long in coming, and the Korean bank KaKaoBank has urgently requested its customers to deactivate the unlocking by fingerprint adjustments until Samsung confirms the distribution of the solution. To remove the unlock by fingerprint, just follow the instructions of the company itself.