The Day of the Index

Eurozone superior stock +31.29 (+ 1.03%) 3,081.49 -17.72%
Eurostock +3.42 (+ 1.01%) 340.77 -15.64%
Europe Stokes 600 +3.38 (+ 0.96%) 353.74 -14.93%
France CAC40 +78.17 (+ 1.67%) 4,773.61 -20.15%
UK FTSE100 +87.32 (+ 1.44%) 6,163.92 -18.28%

Asian exchanges rose across the board on Monday. Especially in Hong Kong and China things were going uphill.

China stocks closed: Shanghai + 2.2%, CSI300 + 2.7%

Shanghai, June 01 -On the 1st in the Chinese stock market, the Shanghai index .SSEC rose 63.0799 points (2.21%) to 2,915.4311, while the CSI300 index .CSI300 rose 104.317 points (2.70%) to 3,971.3402, respectively.

Asian stocks including Korea rebounded at the same time as the conflict between the United States and China, which had faced a conflict over the establishment of the “Hong Kong National Security Law” last week, was alleviated. On the 1st, KOSPI ended at 2065.08, up 1.75% from the previous day. This is the first time KOSPI has crossed the 2050 line in nearly three months since March 5 (2085.26). As the index rebounded, individuals sold it to realize profit, but foreigners and institutions led the index with ‘twin net buying’.

KOSDAQ also rose 3.09% from the previous trading day to 735.72 on the day, again hitting the year-round high. Like KOSPI, individuals were sold, but foreigners and institutions were net buying.

Asian markets such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and these stocks rebounded on the first trading day in June. Japan’s Nikkei 225 recovered 22,000 ships in three months after February 26, and closed at 22062.39. China’s Shanghai Composite, Hong Kong Hang Seng Composite, and Taiwan Traces also closed with the index rising.

In KOSPI, foreigners net buying the electricity and electronics sectors, which are highly affected by the US-China trade dispute, raising their expectations for a ‘stock market comeback’.