US President Donald Trump: “Go Harder”

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After riots in numerous American cities, US President Donald Trump has called for democratic mayors and governors to take a crackdown. “Go harder,” Trump wrote on Sunday (local time) on Twitter. “These people are anarchists. Now call our National Guard. The world is watching and laughing at you and Sleepy Joe.” Republican Trump regularly denigrates his prospective challenger in the November election, Democratic ex-Vice President Joe Biden, as “Sleepy Joe“.

Trump had also announced on Twitter that his government wanted to classify the Antifa movement in America as a terrorist organization. He gave no further details. “The United States will name Antifa as a terrorist organization,” he wrote.

The death of African American George Floyd after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis has led to protests and violence in the United States this weekend. Despite curfews in numerous cities, people took to the streets for the fifth night in a row. They protested brutality, discrimination and injustice against black people. President Donald Trump blames the left-wing radical groups for this.

In further tweets, Trump again praised the deployment of the National Guard in the state of Minnesota, where the protests had broken out, on Sunday evening, and warned that the forces should have been requested earlier. In another tweet, the president simply wrote in capital letters: “Law & order!”

The National Guard has been mobilized in Minnesota and in several other states after demonstrations have turned into riots and looting. The National Guard is part of the U.S. Armed Forces Reserve and may be called in to help in exceptional circumstances in states. In Minneapolis, the authorities extended the night curfew, which will come into effect again on Sunday evening.

The National Guard should now be deployed in other cities and states “before it is too late,” continued the US President. He also criticized that some media are doing everything in their power to fuel hatred and anarchy. “As long as everyone understands that they are spreading fake news and are really bad people with a sick agenda, we can ignore them for greatness.” He is alluding to his campaign and motto “Make America great again”.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, at least one person was killed by gunfire near demonstrations, NBC News reported, citing the police. Vice Police Chief Josh Barker said there were at least two injuries. What exactly happened was initially unclear. The police wrote on Twitter that their officers were not involved. According to CNN, at least 25 cities in 16 states imposed curfews.

The National Guard was also requested in Los Angeles to prevent further riots. There have been more than 500 arrests in total. Mayor Eric Garcetti said on Fox News: “This is no longer a protest, it is destruction.” There was also a curfew in the second largest city in the United States.



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After riots in numerous American cities, US President Donald Trump has called for democratic mayors and governors to take a crackdown. "Go harder,"

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