The Dollar Fell Below 67 Rubles for the First Time Since August 27

The ruble began trading on Wednesday, September 19, with steady growth. So, the dollar’s rate as of 10:07 dropped below 67 rubles for the first time since August 27 – to 66.99 rubles.

The euro also fell, to 78.26 rubles, according to the data of Mossbirzhi. Brent crude added 0.25% to $ 79.23 per barrel.

On Tuesday, the ruble also strengthened, not reacting to the risks of trade wars between the US and China, RIA Novosti notes. At the hands of the Russian currency, stable oil prices and the tax period in the Russian Federation, when large exporters convert foreign currency earnings to pay mandatory payments.

In addition, the impact of the sanctions factor is diminishing – the market has received support in the form of an increase in the key rate, said Andrei Lushin, deputy chairman of the board of Loko Bank.

On September 14, the Central Bank of Russia raised the key rate from 7.25% to 7.5% and said it would suspend the purchase of foreign currency before the end of the year. Ruble immediately responded with growth.

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