The Dow Jones And S&P 500 Closed at A Record High

U.S. President Biden signed $ 1.9 trillion in aid packages and expressed optimism about vaccines – 10-year bond yields jumped 9 notch to 1.626%; stock market: Dow Jones up 0.9%, NASDAQ Cut by 0.6%; Outstanding in the trade – Boeing which rose by 6.8%, and Facebook which fell by 2%.

11pm – Wall Street closed tonight in a mixed trend, with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 continuing to break records. The trade took place against the backdrop of President Biden’s signing of a $ 1.9 trillion aid package and the optimism he conveyed about the vaccination campaign. The 10-year US bond yield jumped 9 notches to 1.626%. In contrast, the Dow Jones stock market rose 0.9%, the Nasdaq was up 0.6%, and the S&P 500 was up 0.1%. %; Outstanding in the trade – Boeing which rose by 6.8%, and Facebook which fell by 2%. In a weekly summary, the Dow rose 4.1%, the S&P 500 advanced 2.6% and the Nasdaq added 3.1% to its value.

The price of crude oil of the WTI type decreased today by 0.6% – this after two days in which price increases were recorded. The price of black gold closed at $ 65.6 a barrel. In a weekly summary, the price of oil fell by 0.7%.

Weekly rise in European stock markets after mixed daily closing: German Dax fell 0.4% today but climbed 4.2% on a weekly basis. British Potsey climbed 0.3% and this week added 2%. The French kak rose 0.2% and on a weekly basis strengthened by 4.6%.


17:25 – Financial stock gains hold Dow Jones highs: Goldman Sachs up 1.9%, JPMorgan Chase up 1.6%, American Express up 1.3%. The final approval for the incentive package for the U.S. economy also means more money in banks than deposits, now that citizens are about to receive a direct payment of $ 1,400 from the administration.


16:30 – Trading opens mainly in declines: the Nasdaq index is down 1.5%, the S&P 500 is down 0.5% and retreated from the peak, the Dow Jones is up 0.1% and holds the record. The 10-year US bond yield jumps At 9 bp to 1.618%. Tesla is down 4%, Facebook is deleting 2%.


15:25 – Business intelligence giant MicroStrategy announced another acquisition of Bitcoin: this time it bought 262 coins for $ 15 million, at a price of $ 57,146,000 per currency.


The company now holds 91,326 coins, with a total purchase price of $ 2.21 billion and a currency value of $ 24,214,000. According to the current price of Bitcoin, the value of the coins owned by Microstrategy is $ 5.1 billion (a profit on paper of almost $ 3 billion).


In the last three months, the company’s share has soared by 181%. At the same time, Bitcoin jumped by 209%. Its price climbed tonight to a value of 58.1 thousand dollars – the record stands at 58.3 thousand dollars.


Gold recorded a weekly increase of 1.3%, although it fell today 0.2% to $ 1,719.90 an ounce. Against the backdrop of the daily decline, the sharp rise in US bond yields. Last weekend the value of the precious metal even fell below $ 1,700, to a 10.5-month low maintained until the beginning of this week.


Novavax stock maker Novavax jumps 18% ahead after announcing last night that its candidate vaccine is 86% effective against the British corona virus mutation. Against the primary virus the vaccine is 96% effective, the company reported.

Al Brands L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, is up 7% pre-announced after announcing a debt coverage plan while raising its forecasts for the current quarter. The company also reported the return of the existing dividend plan alongside the repurchase of shares in a significantly higher amount compared to the previous plan.


The company has announced that it will cover $ 1.03 billion in debt through the $ 1.1 billion it has in its cash flow. In addition, the company will repurchase shares in the amount of half a billion dollars, instead of the existing plan that stood at a much lower amount – $ 79 million. Dividends will return to Brands this June, with holders receiving 60 cents for each share they hold.


The company raises its forecasts for the first quarter of 2021 (current) to a net profit in the range of 55-65 cents per share, compared to the old forecast which stood at the range of 35-45 cents per share. Market analysts expect earnings of 43 cents a share. In the last 12 months, El Brands has jumped 253%. The company is valued at $ 15.3 billion, as of last night.

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