Denver Won By A Landslide

In addition to Washington‘s loss to Philadelphia, six more games were played tonight (Friday through Saturday). At the center of the game now is the Lakers to Indiana, but before that Denver scratched a win over Memphis, Miami continued in good shape and Kevin Love returned to the field after four months, in Cleveland’s loss to New Orleans.

Night Games:

Washington (22:14) – Philadelphia (12:26) 127: 101
Memphis (17:17) – Denver (15:22) 103: 102
New Orleans (22:16) – Cleveland (23:14) 82: 116
Chicago (20:16) – Miami (18:20) 101: 90
San Antonio (15:19) – Orlando (25:13) 77: 104
Utah (9:27) – Houston (24:11) is not over yet
LA Lakers (13:24) – Indiana (19:16) is not over yet

Another pass from Nikola Jokic, who scored his team’s last five points and stopped Ja Morant in the Grizzlies’ last attack, gave the Nuggets a fifth straight win. The Serbian star finished with another wonderful stat line of 28 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists, with Will Barton and Michael Porter Jr. assisting him with 21 each, helping to forget a fallen display of Jamal Marie who finished with just 3 points including 1 from -14 from the field. Dillon Brooks and Brandon Clark stood out with 20 points each on the losing side, while Jah Morant came in with 16 points and nine assists, finishing the game disappointed after claiming he was fouled during the final.

Chicago (20:16) – Miami (18:20) 101: 90

A ninth win in the last ten games is a hit, slowly showing again the wineries that helped them stop only in the NBA Finals last year. Jimmy Butler scored 28 points against the ex, Goran Dragic sniped 20 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter, and that was also enough against 30 for Zach Lavine and 20 for Laurie Markanen, who showed sparks in his second game since returning from injury.

New Orleans (22:16) – Cleveland (23:14) 82: 116

Kevin Love returned to the floor for the first time since the injury he suffered in December, but Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson had no plans to allow him a win in the comeback game. Ingram’s 28 and Williamson’s 23 alongside Stephen Adams’ 10 and 17 rebounds helped the Pelicans build a safe lead and break a three-game losing streak. Love settled for 4 points in 10 minutes, and the one who led the Cubs was Colin Sexton with 19.

San Antonio (15:19) – Orlando (25:13) 77: 104

A dominant second half by the Spurs gave them a leisurely victory that came after two losses. Even the lack of Damar Drusen who went to his father’s funeral did not prevent Popovich’s team from winning, with Rudy Gay (19) and Jonathon Marie and Derek White (17 each) filling the gap. On the other hand, Nikola Wojciech continued his best personal season with 26 and 9 rebounds.

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