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Experts from the Ningbo Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of China, published a paper recently that the infection rate of asymptomatic patients with coronavirus disease in 2019, is on par with those of patients, diagnosed with symptoms. Among people who come in contact with the virus carriers, the infection rate of family members and pilgrims highest.

The results of this dissertation published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology, Volume 41, 2020 show that the infection rate of close contacts of confirmed cases is 6.3%, and that of close contacts of asymptomatic infections is 4.11%. The researchers believe that there is no statistically significant difference in infection rates.

The new type of coronavirus pneumonia is highly contagious, and the recurrence rate of family members, relatives, and friends is high. It is a high-risk group of infection. Among different contact methods, co-habitation and co-living infection rates are the highest, suggesting that long-term unprotected close contact is a high risk factor for new coronavirus pneumonia infection.

A total of 157 locally reported confirmed cases and 30 asymptomatic infections were included in this study. A total of 157 locally reported confirmed cases and 30 asymptomatic infections were determined to be in close contact with a total of 2147. The number of close contacts in the cases was at least 0, up to 111, and an average of 11.5. Of the 2,147 close contacts, a total of 110 cases developed into confirmed cases and 22 asymptomatic infections. The total infection rate of close contacts was 6.15%.

The researchers found that among the close contact groups, the infection rate was calculated according to the relationship between close contacts and cases. Among close contacts, the infection rate was highest among friends / pilgrims (22.31%), followed by family members (18.01%). Medical personnel who were in close contact did not develop an infection. After excluding the incidence data of the “super communicator” event, the infection rate of friends decreased to 15.69%, which was lower than the infection rate of family members (17.54%), and the infection rate ranked second.

The researchers further hierarchically analyzed the different contact methods of various close-connected people, and found that family members were mainly infected by eating together (18.07%) and dinners (11.75%); relatives (4.73%) were mainly infected by eating dinners; among friends (including neighbors) The main infection modes of infection are outdoor conversation (20.00%), dinner / reception / entertainment (12.50%), and infection by using the same transportation (4.55%); the general infection mode of infection is mainly in the same diagnosis and treatment hall as the case ( 1.94%), same supermarket, market shopping, etc. (0.56%) infection.

The research on this point is similar to that of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control. On the afternoon of March 22, at a press conference on the prevention and control of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced that the rate of follow-up among close relatives reached 17%, which was significantly higher than other people. 3% of close contacts in social relations. The family cluster epidemic accounted for the vast majority, up to 86%, and the family cluster epidemic involving the largest number of cases reached 7 people.

Female participant

Researchers investigated a new epidemic of coronavirus pneumonia caused by a Buddhist assembly, and found that a female participant was the source of the contagious epidemic. The female was infectious one day after the onset of the disease, mainly by sharing a special bus and Participation in the Buddhist event caused transmission. A total of 28 people were diagnosed with new coronavirus pneumonia, 4 were asymptomatic, and the infection rate of close contacts was 32.99%, which was much higher than the average infection rate of 6.15%. The difference was statistically significant. Researchers believe that this is a so-called “super communicator” incident. The transmission mainly occurred in an air-conditioned bus. There were 68 close contacts, 23 were diagnosed with confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia, and 2 were asymptomatic infections. , The infection rate reached 36.76%; the infection rate of participating in the rally was 5.61%. The second-generation recurrence rate in this case reached 33.3%. The “super communicator” in this study had 32 consecutive infections, and subsequent cases subsequently caused further spread and spread.



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