Nano-Diamond Battery has A Lifespan of Several Thousand Years

Researchers from a Californian start-up have just developed a self-charging battery with an almost unlimited lifespan … based on radioactive nano-diamonds! Its field of application could range from smartphones to any connected object in the house, or even equip cars one day.

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A Californian start-up, NDB, is working hard to develop tiny, almost eternal batteries, based on nano-diamonds. Its researchers thus evoke a lifespan of some 28,000 years! The idea is to be able to equip most of our electronic devices tomorrow, from smartphones to computers, including all everyday connected objects that there would be no need to recharge.

A radioactive nano-diamond battery with an almost unlimited lifespan, an infinitely more sustainable alternative to the classic lithium-ion. This support also has an energy density 57,000 times greater than current batteries, these radioactive nano-diamonds actually being composed of nuclear waste.

A self-recharging battery!
The integrated circuit of these batteries also allows them to self-recharge and, as if that were not enough, the whole is almost unbreakable. If in theory this type of battery could therefore last for millennia, it is more realistic to evoke ten years of operation at full speed, for intensive use. In addition to smartphones and their cohort of connected devices at home, these batteries could one day also equip cars or even medical implants. The quest for batteries that no longer discharge and that could thus function for years is a real challenge for tomorrow, for a greener world with definitely more sustainable technologies.

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