TikTok US Advertising Business is doing Well Trump’s Threat is Gone

TikTok executives even offered to repay the money if they were banned from doing business in the United States, but advertisers from major brands still withdrew.

But when Biden’s victory in the US presidential election in November was revealed, everything changed.

“The interest in TikTok has exploded,” said Erica Patrick, vice president of advertising agency Media Hub Worldwide. She expects her advertising spending from client companies to grow even more in the next six months.

Three advertising agency executives have revealed that the Biden administration has shelved the sale of the TikTok US business requested by the former Trump administration, and the sponsor companies have returned to TikTok all at once. They are making reservations for advertising campaigns and trying new ways to appeal to their customers.

Patrick pointed out that the turmoil over TikTok and national security under the previous administration seemed to have been a “big play to catch the eye.” She explains that the advertiser wasn’t really concerned about.

Trump’s defeat in the presidential election was a turning point for many advertisers who were “waiting” for the TikTok turmoil, according to one ad.

As the business has improved, TikTok is also contacting major brands individually and trying to resolve long-standing issues such as advertising.

Compared to larger social platforms, TikTok‘s advertising business is estimated to remain small. However, according to the company, the number of advertisers campaigning on TikTok has increased by 500% in the United States over the past year. He continues to explain to advertisers that the security of brand value is not compromised.

Since last year, the company has signed advertising deals with companies such as McDonald‘s for fast food, Kate Spade for fashion, Chobani products, and Bose for audio equipment, as well as nonprofits such as pediatric hospitals, according to a TikTok spokeswoman.

According to Bose social media representatives, the company’s ads have been viewed longer on TikTok than on other platforms.

The Pediatrics St. Jude Children’s Research Clinic has raised about $ 50,000 through TikTok’s donation button since September. ALSAC, the organization responsible for raising funds for the clinic, has revealed.

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