Timor Steffens in the Shower

For a moment forget the world famous professor of Friends 2019, forget his collaborations with the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Chris Brown, Usher, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson and Madonna (with whom he had a controversial relationship ). Here you can admire a Timor Steffens as you have never seen it before.

The merit is a video (uploaded on Youtube in November 2015 – we propose it at the opening of post) in which the American choreographer (or someone who looks very much like him) shows himself as his mother did. The dancer, in fact, is taken over nud and smiling, while taking a shower.

An unusual version for the teacher of friend, who in these days is at the center of the controversy for having expelled the aspiring dancer Marco Alimenti. This decision, which provoked the resounding protest of the class, which occupied the school by refusing to hold classes with other teachers until the boy was given the opportunity to attend those of Timor himself.