Toyota 86 Most comprehensive Appearance Changes

Toyota civilian trot 86 even if there is no such thing as a new car appreciation period, the modified front is far from the door flagship “new bull demon” GR Supra, but the new and old cars are fully priced and the reinforcement kits are more and cheaper, but the modified group is even more Strong, still a fever car model in the eyes of the refitted brand, the special strengthening parts are still being renovated, including the field of appearance modification that focuses on visual scores! Even if a single brand kit can’t fully meet the so-called definition of high appearance and high eye-catching, if the owner knows the matching, it is no problem to make the car’s face quality the focus of everyone’s attention, just like this super-performance 86 same…..

GR Supra, the representative of Toyota’s high-end coupe, has been blessed by the “New Bull Demon” and BMW Turbo Technology. Since its publication, it has swept the new car industry and the modification industry to date. The headline and topicality are obviously inferior, but the price of buying and changing cars is fully affordable, but the modified population is not reduced but increased. Even if the major modified brands do not promote this eight-year-old car, the special reinforced parts are actually still Actively renovate, especially the appearance, to further meet the owner’s willful demand for high quality! This 86-shaped upper body plus the extra-tortoise kit seems uncommon, but with the emerging brand Rally Backher kit, the contour of the fender is more three-dimensional and prominent than the market’s “Rocket Bunny” Rocket Bunny and “Free Walk” LB Works In addition to more avant-garde and sharp effects, the performance killing is of course much stronger!

This set of Rally Backher turtle kits not only has an externally expanded wheel arch design, but also has integrated fenders with obvious creases on the edges. It also adopts similar vents and air inlets design on the front and back, with a front and rear downdraft that extends downward Flow and side skirts, plus “Ducktail”, Seibon carbon fiber hood, Work deep concave rims, APR Performance carbon fiber sports version rearview mirror, and Air Lift pneumatic shock absorber for extreme low lying, etc. Against the backdrop of the extra points, the overall appearance can be said to reach fierceness, performance and taste are all tight, and the strength to attack everyone’s eyeballs is not inferior to the big brands in the market! Even though the interior design is roughly the same as the original design, there is not too much decoration, but the front two seats are changed to Braum Racing adjustable bucket chairs. In addition to providing substantial high coverage, Spartan style lines are used to make the interior overflow. The visual sharpness, as well as the consistent features in the publication, are qualified to be the super eye-catching modification representative of Toyota 86.

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