Toyota Pays $ 180 Million to Settle with US due to Delay in Reporting Defects Over Emissions

The U.S. government will settle on the 14th with Toyota paying $ 180 million for delaying reporting of emissions defects in violation of the Clean Air Act (CAA). It was revealed that they had agreed.

Payments are expected to be recorded in the financial results for the fiscal year ending March 2021.

The US government has announced that the settlement has resolved Toyota’s “long-standing systematic CAA violation problem.”

Under these circumstances, Deputy Attorney General Audrey Strauss of New York pointed out that Toyota has neglected to pay attention to and monitor the CAA and has closed its eyes to the violation.

Toyota acknowledges that “the delay in reporting has had a minor impact on emissions, and that some of the reporting protocols did not meet our high standards. The problem has been resolved. I’m happy about that. ”

The Japanese automaker’s actions from 2005 to 2015 brought financial benefits and excessive vehicle pollution, the statement said.

The company was accused in a government lawsuit of delays in filing 78 emissions defect reports as required by the Clean Air Act. The reports covered millions of vehicles, and some of them were as many as eight years late, the statement said.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday and settled on the same day, according to the statement.

In a statement, Toyota said it reported the problems to the EPA five years ago after finding a “process gap” that brought delays in filing the defect reports. “Within months of discovering this issue, we submitted all relevant delayed filings and put new robust reporting and compliance practices in place,” the company said.