Trump: They are Forced to Refuse to Sell “F-35” to Turkey But …

US President Donald Trump said his country was “forced” to refuse to sell F-35 fighter jets to Turkey because of its Russian S-400 systems, but said the situation was unfair.

Trump: forced to refuse to sell Ankara explains why Trump’s opposition to Turkey’s purchase of the “S-400”
Trump said in a statement during a meeting of the US government that he had “very good relations” with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, adding: “This situation, frankly, very complex, and the Turks needed Patriot systems for defensive purposes, But the administration (former US President Barack) Obama refused to sell. ”

Trump added that Turkey was forced in such circumstances to buy the Russian “S-400” systems, which is rejected by Washington because Ankara is a member of NATO.

Turkey also requested, according to Trump, more than 100 F-35s manufactured under a US project with some other NATO countries.

“But because they have missile systems produced in Russia, the Turks are being prevented from buying more than 100 aircraft … We have good relations with Turkey, but we have to tell them that we will not sell you F-35s because they were forced to buy missile systems Other “.

“This situation we are facing here in the United States is very harsh, but we are working to resolve it, and we will see what happens, but this is not really fair,” he said.

Turkey, on Friday (July 12th), began receiving parts of the S-400, which it bought from Russia in accordance with a contract signed between the two countries in 2017, despite fierce opposition by the United States, which threatened the Turkish government with sanctions and said that the deployment of this weapon on the territory will represent A threat to the defense system of the NATO countries, as Russian systems are able to reveal its secrets.