Washington: The Iranians Must Prove Their Willingness to Negotiate

US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortigas said President Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo had said on several occasions they were willing to negotiate without preconditions with Iran, but “the Iranians should only prove that they are ready for talks.”

“Our message is clear: we want to talk to the Iranians,” said President Trump and Foreign Minister Donald Trump, who said they would talk to the Iranians without preconditions. The Iranians must prove they are ready to talk. ”

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“The United States’ willingness for diplomacy has been followed repeatedly by Iran’s continuing violent behavior in the region,” she said.

Ortigas pointed to Tehran’s threat to the safety of navigation in international waters and attacks by the Revolutionary Guard against several tanker oil in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman during the past two months, in addition to charging the Revolutionary Guards again blocking the movement of British tanker.

Despite mounting tensions in recent weeks between Iran and the United States, a State Department spokeswoman ruled out a military confrontation. “Unlike all speculation in Washington over the past two months, the government is not going to war with Iran,” she said.

It also stressed once again that US negotiations without preconditions would be on the “12 demands” posed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The 12 US demands for a “comprehensive agreement” with Iran include a range of controversial issues ranging from missiles and the nuclear program to cyber threats, influence and interference in the countries of the region, Tehran-backed militias, and withdrawal from Syria and elsewhere.

Despite Washington’s announcement that Tehran was ready to negotiate the missile program, the Iranian mission to the United Nations denied in a statement published by the Associated Press that Tehran was ready to negotiate its missile program.

But the Iranian government headed by President Hassan Rowhani said on Tuesday that lifting oil sanctions would be a prelude to negotiations with the United States.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that “significant progress has been made on Iran,” and that “Washington wants to help Iran and cooperate with it,” as he put it.