Trump Wanted to “Withhold Aid” for Ukraine

Hülya Karahan: Production Editor

President Trump told him in August that he wanted to keep aid to Ukraine frozen until the country aided investigations into Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.

This is stated in the yet unpublished memoirs of Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton.

In the book, Bolton talks about his repeated attempts, along with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, to convince Trump to unfreeze military aid for Ukraine.

US vice president cancels visit to Zelensky’s inauguration due to Ukraine’s refusal to launch an investigation against Biden – Parnas…
However, Trump ignored their arguments, constantly recalling that the Ukrainians allegedly collaborated with Hillary Clinton to prevent him from winning the 2016 US presidential election.

In his memoirs, Bolton recalls that in August 2019 he raised the issue of military assistance to Ukraine, the unlocking period of which was due to expire soon. In response, Trump said that he did not want to provide Ukraine with any assistance until he was given all the materials collected during the investigation of special prosecutor Muller, who connected Biden with Hillary Clinton fans in Ukraine.

The book also says that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted that there is no reason to consider the then US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Jovanovic, corrupt. That is what Trump’s lawyer Rudolf Giuliani claimed.

The AP agency published a full video in which U.S. President Donald Trump allegedly calls for the dismissal of former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch (resigned in 2019). It was made in 2018 during a dinner with sponsors at the Trump International Hotel in Washington. Most of what was happening was left overs. Earlier on the record was reported by ABC News.

A person whose voice “resembles” the voice of a businessman of Ukrainian origin Lev Parnassus, during a meeting, says: “The biggest problem is there, I think we need to get rid of the ambassador first … he basically walks around and tells everyone: wait, they will impeach him. Just wait. ” Donald Trump allegedly replies to this: “Get rid of her! Get rid of her tomorrow. I don’t care … do it. ”

This conversation contradicts the statements of Donald Trump that he did not know Lev Parnassus and another businessman Igor Fruman (also a native of Ukraine). They are accused of violating campaign finance rules and are key figures in the impeachment case of Donald Trump. Businessmen associated with Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani.

During the meeting, Donald Trump also allegedly asks about Ukraine: “How long can they hold out in the fight against Russia?”

Recall, Marie Jovanovic was one of the key witnesses who testified in the case of Ukrainian politics of Donald trump. She stated that the lawyer of the President of the United States, Rudolf Giuliani, together with his assistants, campaigned against her to denigrate, which ended with her removal from office. At the end of January 2019, it became known about the correspondence of Leo Parnassus, in which he and one of his colleagues discussed the surveillance of Mrs. Jovanovic. Mr. Parnassus himself later admitted to campaigning against her and apologized to the ex-ambassador.