Trump: We’ll See What Happens with Iran

US President Donald Trump warned Iran that any step would be a “grave mistake.”

“We are following the situation and we will see what will happen to Iran,” Trump told reporters in response to questions about recent tensions in Iran. “If the Iranians do anything, it would be a grave mistake.”

The US envoy for Iran, Brian Hawk, said earlier that the administration of US President Donald Trump, is not concerned about the possibility of a war with Iran, and wants a new deal with them.

“The Trump administration is not concerned about a conflict with Iran,” Hawk said in a statement to The Sunday Times. “The American actions are just a response to the Iranian aggression.”

“All we do is defensive,” Hawk said, adding that Iran “continues to be the main sponsor of terrorism in the world and if they act in this way without a nuclear weapon, imagine how they would act if they had it.”

The United States has stepped up its military presence in the Middle East at an accelerated pace in recent days, and sent B-52 bombers, Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier and other attack ships to the region.