TSMC is Responsible for Xe-HPG GPU and Xe-HPC Computing Cards

Just as the current processor leader Intel (intel) is responsible for the future processor foundry business to TSMC, or Samsung is responsible, the result will not be known until the first quarter of 2021, according to lthe Media ” “Tomshardware” reported that it was found from Intel’s official website that TSMC is responsible for Xe-HPG GPU and Xe-HPC computing cards. The two parties will expand cooperation and may also produce two levels of Atom and Xeon for Intel. Processor.


The report pointed out that when the engineer job vacancy was found on Intel’s job search website, the explanation below is: As a member of the QAT design team, you will become the head of RTL in the Custom Logic ASIC Engineering group of DCG. The job of the person in charge is to develop QAT and integrate it into the Atom and Xeon series processors produced by Intel and TSMC, playing a key role. In addition, it will also cooperate with the IP/SoC integration team to ensure successful QAT IP integration verification by participating in processor design, verification and simulation team cooperation.

To explain here, Intel’s QuickAssist Technology (QAT) is a hardware IP used to accelerate encryption, decryption and compression workloads. Over the years, Intel has integrated QAT IP into chipsets and processors. In addition, in view of the rapid growth of various edge computing equipment such as edge, network, storage and server for security, and the demand for decompression technology, Intel also provides QAT add-on card equipment to integrate hardware IP To the chipsets and processors of related equipment.

The report emphasized that although Intel did not disclose any details about the possible production of related Atom and Xeon series processors in TSMC in its announcement. However, for this situation, “Tomshardware” still put forward two important points worth noting. First of all, because the Xeon series processors use high-performance cores and the price is higher than that of ordinary processors, this makes Intel’s own fab to produce these processors, which will help Intel in terms of cost and sales price. Its own revenue, and if it decides to outsource production, it seems unreasonable.

Secondly, the Atom series processors are used in more entry-level products. But its related production is not cheap, because the Atom series processors emphasize low energy consumption characteristics, and the production process is even more complex than Xeon series processors. Therefore, outsourcing it seems to be more in line with Intel’s needs at this stage. However, no matter which product will be outsourced to TSMC for production, it is still uncertain which node process technology will be adopted by TSMC. Considering that Intel’s outsourcing business will start in 2021 or 2022, it is expected that products requiring performance will be built using 5nm N5, N5P or N4 process technology, and products that are more cost-sensitive , It is expected to be produced with 6nm N6 process technology.

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