Turkey Captures Commandos Who Tried to Seize Erdogan During Coup

579f593e67b0a92888f3a028Turkish special forces captured a group of 11 rebel commandos overnight who had tried to seize or kill Erdoğan during the coup plot. Drones and helicopters pinpointed their location in forested hills around the Mediterranean resort of Marmaris after a two-week manhunt, an official said.

They were part of a group that attacked a hotel where Erdoğan was holidaying on the night of the July 15 coup.

Video footage showed a dozen or so anti-coup demonstrators jeering the 11 detained soldiers, some of whom had swollen faces and bruises. The demonstrators waved Turkish flags and chanted “Traitors! We want the death penalty!”

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci said coup plotters would bitterly regret trying to overthrow the government, in words reflecting the depth of anger among tens of thousands of Turks who have attended “democracy demonstrations” night after night since July 15.

“We will make them beg. We will stuff them into holes, they will suffer such punishment in those holes that they will never see God’s sun as long as they breathe,” Zeybekci said.