Turkey Drops All Charges Against Man Who Allegedly Shot Dead Russian Pilot

alparslan-celik-izmir-de-gozaltina-alindi-2081064Turkey has dropped all charges against the Turkish man who was alleged to have shot dead a Russian pilot last November.

Alparslan Çelik and his men were believed to be responsible for the killing of Oleg Peshkov, who was shot as he parachuted from his bomber which had been downed by Turkey’s air force after it briefly violated Turkish airspace.

The public prosecutor in Izmir on Monday concluded, according to Anadolu news, that Celik had ordered his men not to fire on Peshkov after reviewing video footage of the incident.

Before being arrested on March 31, Çelik was outspoken in his opposition to the Russian intervention in Syria on the side of the Syrian regime, which he and his fellow Turkmen fighters fought against.

Çelik had been in custody for 37 days after being apprehended in a restaurant in Hatay, along with 13 other men for possession of an assault rifle and two handguns.