Turkey’s PM: Terrorism Cannot Be Associated With Religion

27374743Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu stated that it is not right to relate terrorism with religion on Monday at a joint conference held with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Chancellery in Berlin.

“Following the terrorist shooting in Norway in 2011, we never thought of this as ‘European terrorism’, or ‘Christian terrorism’, nor have we identified racist attacks against Turks in Germany as German or Christian terror” the Turkish prime minister said, emphasizing that it is wrong to associate terrorism with religion.

Davutoğlu has stated that the meeting was very productive and will be beneficial for bilateral relations between Turkey and Germany.

Noting that there are over 3 million Turkish people living in Germany, Davutoğlu stated that these people serve as a ‘bridge’ between the two countries. He continued by saying that Turkey and Germany should take joint action against Islamophobic attacks at mosques and Muslims.
Davutoğlu highlighted that Turkey makes great efforts to protect its 911 km length border. “We support every kind of intelligence not to accept foreign fighters” he said, adding that Turkey hosts 35 million tourists every year and it only prohibits entry of individuals when it receives ‘intelligence’ [from the related country] that they should not be admitted to the country. He explained that Turkey has deported 1500-2000 people, and put restrictions on a further 7000 people from entering the country under the scope of preventing terrorists.

The Turkish Prime Minister stated that he was proud to be a part of the unity rally in Paris, which took place on Sunday and walked side by side with others to commemorate the victims, while he stated Turkey expects the same kind of sensitivity from Europe when there is terrorist activity in Turkey.

“Turkey and Germany have similar ideas about the newly formed gov’t in Iraq” said German chancellor Merkel, adding that Ankara is putting great effort into hosting Syrian refugees.

Merkel stated that she will join a rally for an “open and tolerant Germany” called by Muslim leaders on Tuesday in Berlin, with the participation of German ministers.