Turkish Basketball Player Attacks Ilhan Omar: “Working for Erdoğan”

Turkish-American basketball player Enis Kanter attacked the positions of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of the US House of Representatives resolutions against Ankara.

Omar abstained in the vote against the Armenian Genocide Recognition Project and opposed the overwhelmingly House-passed sanctions against Turkey for its crimes against the Kurdish minority in northern Syria. She was also heavily attacked on social media.

“What a disappointment and shame,” Kanter said on Twitter, “the only democracy that has not supported the bill to stop the killing of innocents is Ilhan Omar, who appears to be on the payroll by the dictator Erdogan. For the American people and democracy, “he said.

What an absolute disappointment and shame that the only democrat who did NOT support the Turkish bill aiming to stop the killing of innocent people is @IlhanMN who seems like on #DictatorErdogan ‘s payroll working for his interests, but not for the American people and democracy !

“I think accountability for human rights abuses, particularly ethnic cleansing and genocide, is critical,” Omar said. Real recognition of historical crimes against humanity must encompass both the horrendous genocide of the 20th century, as well as previous genocides such as the transatlantic slave trade and the genocide of the American population. Indigenous people, which have claimed the lives of hundreds of millions of indigenous people in this country! For this reason, I voted to abstain in the last session of resolution 296 “.The House of Representatives passed a resolution on Tuesday formally recognizing the Armenian genocide.

Somali-born Democrat Ilhan Omar refused to vote in favor of sanctions against Turkey and was the only one on the party.
The bill, approved by the House of Representatives, emphasizes that US policy should be supportive of this resolution, and Washington should commemorate the Armenian genocide by its official recognition and reject efforts to push, engage or otherwise link the US government. To deny the Armenian genocide or any other genocide.