Erdoğan Calls in UK: Let’s Produce Together

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the close of the Turkish-British “Tatlıdil Forum” ( Sweet Language Forum) in London, the capital of Britain.

Erdoğan said, ” By buying and selling goods and services in the coming period with the company to show our mutual activities in Turkey or the United Kingdom. And the possibility to produce more value added products with high technology, together we will investigate,” he said.

President Erdoğan spoke at the Turkish-English Sweet Language Forum after telephone connection to the AK Party International Election Coordination Center meeting held in Belgium after having visited London at noon. Erdoğan pointed to the partnership between the United Kingdom and Turkey, began his speech as follows:

The Sweet Language Forum has a distinct place in my heart. The foundations of our current strategic alliance with the United Kingdom, as well as the sweet language forum, were launched during the period of my prime ministry. This platform, which made a significant contribution to our bilateral relations, was established during the visit to London in 2011 with Prime Minister David Cameron. The Sweet Language Forum has become stronger, more institutionalized and more and more coming to the present. This is a maturity created by the gathering of politicians, businessmen, academicians and media members. It is possible to consider this particularly as meetings we can call ‘timetable’. I was not content to give support for the strength and development of the form.

Last year we hosted a wide-ranging forum in Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities of our country. This year we also realized our meeting in an atmosphere of traces of our historical roots.

The partnership between Turkey and the United Kingdom Erdoğan, indicating that extends from the Ottoman Empire period, he continued as follows: Distinguished guests, has a long history of close to 500 years of relations between our countries. During this period, there have been countless periods in which our countries have come close to each other, including historical memories of Napoleon’s occupation of Egypt and the Crimean War.

Such a fundamental history of Turkey-United Kingdom relations that have developed further in every area of ​​our cooperation is going through a period in which gains momentum and deepened. At a high level that our relations have reached today, there is a significant impact of popular vote in both countries. Turkey took the decision to change the management system with last year’s constitutional changes. This change will carry on Turkey’s 2023 goals, we create a more effective and efficient management model.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the closing program of the Turkish-British Sweet language Forum in London, the capital of England. President Erdoğan spoke with Prince Andrew of Duke of York.

The United Kingdom is taking steps to implement the Brexit decision taken in public in 2016. HIt  continues negotiations with the European Union on one side and works on reforms that will prepare it to return after Brexit.

Another important issue that brings us closer to our relations is the sincere solidarity that the United Kingdom makes with our country following the July 15 coup attempt. Turkish democracy, Turkey Grand National Assembly, elected government and aimed at me personally will never forget the solidarity displayed directly on our country after the coup attempt . Many western countries were acutely afraid of this treacherous attack, the British authorities immediately made necessary support disclosures and put their attitude toward democracy.

Aside from bilateral relations, Erdoğan continued his speech by drawing attention to the commercial agreements between the two countries: Today, as in the past, we have a brilliant career in the fields of trade and economy. The UK is the second largest export market in Europe for us. Our total trade volume is over 16 billion dollars. We are committed to safeguarding our economic and commercial relationships and to adapt to changing conditions.

Our experts come together at regular intervals and evaluate all options, including the signing of a free trade agreement between the two countries. I want to speak to the esteemed members of the British business world who are here today. We are hosting more than three British companies in our country. We do not make the slightest distinction between our own companies and the UK companies. In this respect, you have invested approximately 10 billion dollars in our country in only 15 years. We consider this a manifestation of your confidence in my country. We will continue to host you in the best way.

Turkey has a domestic market 81 billion. With young, dynamic, trained workforce, strong infrastructure and experienced private sector, we try to make this market more attractive for you. The position of our country allows you to reach a giant bazaar with a population of one and a half billion with a flight of three to four hours. We have put in place ambitious and comprehensive incentive schemes in the recent period and we continue our efforts to explain the innovations. I look forward to your country to invest more in this framework.


Dear friends, I would like to touch on this issue in particular. Let’s explore the possibilities of producing more value added and high tech products together. Our partnership in the field of defense industry is the best example of what we can achieve together.

Let’s take advantage of business and trade opportunities in different geographies of the world. Turkey’s operational facilities and the United Kingdom’s financial strength will emerge when combined synergies will provide great benefits for both sides. Come to think of this great opportunity together.

Tourism was an important area of ​​cooperation, but we are experiencing a stagnation. We hope to see you among the 40 million tourists we aim to welcome this year. Beyond such contacts, we also desire to be a resident. Already we have residence in our English friends but not many. We want to increase this number. In addition to economic activity, this friendship will also strengthen.


strategic partnership between Turkey and the United Kingdom beyond being a simple choice of the two countries and at the same time I consider as a necessity in terms of the interests of a wide geography. We attach importance to the security of the Euro-Atlantic as Turkey. We are working to ensure lasting peace and security in the Middle East. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. We want all kinds of terrorism to be jointly tackled. All these aspects have an important place in our country’s primary agenda.

Besides our country, there are very serious cinemas that affect the whole world at the beginning. Turkey and the United Kingdom as a responsible member of the international community and the two allies are fighting shoulder to shoulder in these two films. We are mutually committed to fighting for the source of terror and irregular migration. We also have a common will to cooperate more in terms of delivering humanitarian assistance to people in need all over the world. Here as you know, currently the world’s most open ranks first among the three countries a helping hand to the United States, in second place, Turkey is the third in the UK. But when we did it in a number of national income compared to Turkey, taking place in the United Kingdom in the US and number three to number two. We are the open countries and this solidarity must continue to increase.