Twitter Bans Dehumanizing Messages on Racial And Ethnic Grounds

Twitter decided on Wednesday to broaden its definition of hate messages by banning any publication that seeks to dehumanize on the basis of racial, ethnic or nationality grounds.

For the microblogging platform, this is an additional measure in its policy to combat abusive and harmful content that the company has updated on several occasions since the publication in 2019 of a regulation.

“If we encourage people to express themselves freely on Twitter, abuse, harassment and hateful conduct have no place on our platform,” the Twitter security team wrote in an article by blog.

“We are now expanding our hateful conduct policy to exclude messages that dehumanize people on the basis of race, ethnicity or national origin.”

Twitter gave several examples of tweets that could be removed after reporting, including posts labeling an ethnic, racial or national group as “rotten,” “parasitic” or “cockroaches.”

“If an account violates Twitter’s policies multiple times, we may block or suspend the account,” the company warned.

Long accused of laxity in the face of hateful content, Twitter and Facebook strengthened their systems during the US presidential campaign by notably limiting the scope of misleading messages from outgoing President Donald Trump and his supporters.

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