Twitter Launches Birdwatch for Misinformation

At the moment, the functionality is in the pilot phase and is only accessible to Internet users in the United States.

Social networks allow the user to be one “click” away from anyone. However, the huge torrent of posts that flows within these tools is also capable of causing problems; such as disinformation, with which platforms such as Facebook or Twitter have been dealing for years. Precisely, the application of the blue bird has just launched a new function in the United States that seeks to combat the “fake news” that is poured into it. And, for this, it wants to have the collaboration of ordinary Internet users. Its name is Birdwatch.

Birdwatch allows people to identify information in tweets that they believe is misleading and to write notes that provide informational context. We believe this approach has the potential to respond quickly when misleading information is spread, adding a context that people trust and find valuable, ”Keith Coleman, vice president of product for the social network, explained in a statement.

Although the service, for the moment, is only available in the testing phase on a site other than the social network, and which can only be accessed by users from the United States, Twitter is expected to be available soon globally: «In this site, pilot test participants can also rate the usefulness of notes added by other contributors. The company also ensures that it has conducted more than 100 interviews with people from across the political spectrum who use Twitter to talk about the tool.

In particular, people appreciate that the notes come from the community (rather than Twitter or a central authority) and appreciate that the notes will provide useful context to help them better understand and evaluate a tweet (rather than focusing on tagging the content as’ true ‘or’ false ‘),’ says Coleman.

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