Two Militants Killed After Attack On Police Station In Istanbul

wwwwwwwwwwTurkish police stormed a building in the Bayrampasa district of Istanbul Thursday and killed two women who in the morning opened fire on a busload of police agents in front of a police station.

The two dead women attackers were members of the extreme left Dhkp-c.The two women were killed during the blitz by anti-terrrorist police on a nearby building where they had barricaded themselves after the attack. They were identified as Cigdem Yaksi and Berna Yilmaz.

Two police officers were slightly wounded. The style and target of the attack immediately made police suspect ultra-left groups who typically carry out isolated small scale attacks on the Turkish security forces. The Dhkp-c claimed an attack last August 10 on the US consulate in Instanbul. Turkish police believe the group also responsible for an attack a few days later at the Dolmabahce palace, a major tourist destination in Istanbul and location of the prime minister’s office.

The same group also was blamed by police for a rudimentary explosive attack at the start of December near the Bayrampasa metro station in the same area as Thursday’s attack