US Concerns About Russian Images Uses Artificial Intelligence!

Chuck Schumer, the leader of Senate Democrats, said in a letter to FBI and Federal Trade Commission chiefs that Russia’s “FaceApp” could pose a threat to US national security.

FaceApp, developed by Russia’s Wireless Lab, allows the use of neural technology to make a variety of adjustments to images, including changing hairstyles, sex, age, and the addition of rivets and the like.

The application is popular, including among celebrities and football clubs, where many of the world’s leading social networking leaders are publishing their images through which to show themselves in old age.

“FaceApp uses artificial intelligence to change users’ images and make them look younger or larger, and allows for a different gender, but to use the application users have to give the company full and unconditional access,” Schumer wrote on his Twitter account. To their photos and personal data. ”

The high-ranking US lawmaker claimed that any image out of the application could be used without the consent of the owner, adding that the application of “FaceApp” could pose a threat to US security and the privacy of millions of American citizens.

Schumer asked the FBI to clarify “how the personal information of millions of Americans on FaceApp can reach the hands of the Russian government or the organizations with links to it.”

In addition, the US senator called on the Federal Trade Commission to consider “appropriate guarantees whether or not the personal data of the Americans will not be affected.”