Virgin Chastity Belt

If for many people talking about sex is still a difficult taboo to be broken, imagine only talking about virginity. A delicate subject, loaded with historical and cultural significance. But, after all, what is virginity? What is this definition about? Because this is a subject that is treated with so much “fear” by some people.

The first time is never an easy step in a woman’s life. At school you are taught the basics of sexuality, namely that a woman is no longer a virgin when the membrane of her hymen is torn. Then we quickly talk to you about the penetration and leave you there, alone in the face of your doubts. Of course, you talk to your best friends, but nothing replaces a real sexual experience. To help put you in perspective, Cosmo reveals the 10 things you need to know.

Regardless of religion and belief, in this matter we point out some curiosities about virginity that probably no one has ever told you. It is important to remember that we do not intend to criticize, judge, or impose absolute truths. Our goal is unique and exclusive to inform and entertain. Therefore, the content of this article is intended for those who identify themselves.

And it was thinking in these and in other questions that the writing of Unknown Facts selected a list with 8 secrets that never told you about virginity. Check out:

In fact, there is no exact definition, the word “virgin” derives from the Latin “virgo”, and means strength, ability. Initially this word did not refer to sexual chastity but to sexual independence. Historically speaking, a virgin woman was the one who could provide a child without having to get involved with a man.

For example: Ishtar, Diana, Astarte and Isis were called virgins because they were sexually independent. Just as many heroes of some ancient cultures were considered the children of virgins, such as: Buddha, Osiris, Genghis Khan, Jesus, etc.

The Hebrews, in turn, used the word in its original sense, meaning “young woman,” which has nothing to do with sexual chastity. After a long time, translators, by not believing in the sexual independence of the “Virgin Mary”, began to distort the meaning of the word to untouched, chaste, sexually pure.

In a woman’s life, there are several important stages: the first period, the first kiss, and of course, the first time. Generally, you are in love and happy. You would like to shout on all the roofs oh how beautiful life is. Convinced to have met the man of your life, you want to offer him what you have most dear: your virginity.

You are certain that everything will happen exactly as in romantic comedies: he will be patient, gentle and attentive. In reality, it has nothing to do with a Hollywood movie. We reveal the 18 things to know for the first time successful!

2 – Right time

It is more of a myth than a cultural one. It does not matter if you’re 15, 20, 30 years old. Your virginity should be broken when, how and with whom you want, it depends more on the emotional state than the “time” itself. This moment depends on each woman and may have discrepancies between one and the other.

3 – The “virginal”

The probability of being highly attached to the control of a woman’s body is almost 100%. Although it is not so common to hear that a woman’s virginity does not belong to her, this idea is still alive in the most diverse media of our lives, as in movies, music, etc.

4 – Hymen ruptured

As is well known, every woman has an organism, and it has its very specific characteristics. Many people still believe that if the hymen is broken the woman is no longer a virgin. Well, one thing has nothing to do with the other. The hymen is, in fact, a mucous membrane that “leftovers” after the vagina finishes forming. They can be of all sizes and formats. In many women it is broken in the first intercourse, in others only in the birth of the first child, in others it does not even exist.

5 – Formerly

The above is proof of how ignorance can negatively affect people. For example, for many years, after a woman got married, she had to expose the sheet she used on her wedding night. This was a way of proving she was chaste by then. Proof of this was the famous “bloodstain.” If there was anything, the woman was marginalized by both her husband and her family and society.

6 – Hymenoplasty

Ever heard of it? Not? Well, this is a surgical procedure for reconstructing hymen. Allowing the woman to go through “virgin” once more. This is a procedure that, at least in the United States, is much more sought after than silicone prostheses.

7 – Chastity belt

As in the Middle Ages there was still no hymenoplasty, women were forced to wear their chastity belts. It was an effective way of ensuring that they did not touch and were not touched before marriage, and even during periods when their husbands were out, such as fighting wars.

8 – Technically Virgo

It is an expression commonly used to refer to women who have engaged in other types of sexual intercourse that do not involve the vagina, such as oral and anal.

For many people, perhaps, these items are not about news, let alone secrets. But, it is worth remembering that not everyone is aware of the subject and that it is always valid to reinforce some important issues like this.

What did you think? Do you remember any more points that are worth mentioning and not on our list? Suggestions, questions, corrections? Do not forget to comment with us!

9. First time: communicate with your partner

Dare to confess to your partner that you are a virgin so that he can adapt to the situation and be more gentle in his movements. So you have to feel good with him and not that you decided to jump on a whim. Do not hesitate to tell him your fears or your expectations. If he really cares about you, he’ll be patient and make sure your first time goes well.

10. Pain is not an obligation
The majority of women experience pain at the time of first penetration. As a result, when you talk with your friends, they tell you that you have suffered martyrdom for the first time and you are rather scared. You are backing the fateful moment. The moment you start to fear more than to hope.

Rest assured, every woman is different and the pain is not a must. You may not feel anything for several reasons. One of the most likely is that you have done a lot of sports being young and your hymen has already broken without you realizing it. The second is that you feel confident with your lover and that your body is perfectly relaxed.

11. Your first time: contraception is not an option
It is not because you are a virgin that you can not get pregnant or even have sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). You may be in love, nothing says that it will last and above all, nothing proves that your darling is clean. Always remember to have a condom on you and if possible, add a double contraception like the pill.

12. The path is long before reaching orgasm
You probably thought of reaching orgasm the first time, but in fact not at all (or you are one of the lucky few). If you are both virgins, your darling is in the same situation as you and is lost in the unknown universe of sexuality. Therefore, he must tame your body and his, find out what is good for you and how to get pleasure. This requires time and training, it is something that is done to two.

Certainly, there is more chance for him to have the right to the divine papaya aka orgasm, while you, you will have to wait a long time. Another “injustice” of the sexes! But promised, once you have discovered the enjoyment of orgasm and especially how to reach it, you will not be able to do without it. One more thing girls, it is very likely that you are clitoral and in this case, you will not necessarily need vaginal penetration to reach seventh heaven. Long live the clitoral orgasm!

13. The shower is your best ally for your first time

Nobody warns you of the risks of the first time. During penetration, your body discovers new sensations and comes face to face with foreign bodies. At the time of the act, your darling can bring you back some bacteria against which your body is not accustomed to fight. As a result, a few days after losing your virginity, you feel burning when you urinate and you want to go to the amenities every five minutes.

You have the impression that the sky is falling on your head or worse, you think that you are not normal. Rest assured, many girls suffer from urinary tract infection after their first sexual encounter. A tip, take a shower before acting out, then go urinate to cleanse your body of all bacteria and drink plenty of water.

14. First time: making love does not stop at penetration
When we talk about the first time, everyone stops at penetration. A little as if it were enough to undress, lie down and wait for your man to enter you. But what about preliminaries, caresses and the rest? Making love does not stop only sex, it is also about feelings and mutual respect. To put it more bluntly, sex is not about porn.

15. Having lubricant can be really useful
Granted, the first time it’s not easy to think about the lubricant. You have so much in mind: find a nice place to make love, not to hurt, to please your lover … The lubricant is the least of your worries and yet … If your partner is a beginner as you can zap the preliminaries or at least shorten them. As a result, you are not lubricated enough during penetration and you feel more pain.

One or two drops of lubricant can help you to be less “dry” and facilitates the passage of sex partner. One of the benefits of lubricant over petrolatum is that it is hypoallergenic and compatible with all condoms. If you are worried about not knowing how to use them, read the instructions for use of your lubricant, you can even test different flavors.

16. The first time is rarely the right one
You expected fireworks, for you, giving him your virginity is a way to tell him “I love you” other than with words. Alas, when the time comes, it’s not really that and you’re disappointed. Rest assured, the first time is rarely the right one. Your partner is as awkward as you, he fumbles, looks for your erogenous zones and neglects your clitoris. It even happens that your darling believes in an erotic film and he thinks that some back and forth are enough to make you cum.

Make him understand that you are not looking for performance, you especially want softness. No need to play the acrobats hoping to revisit all the positions of Kamasutra while you are both at the stage “beginners”. Start with a simple position like the missionary and go step by step. If your first time does not happen as you had imagined, it does not matter. Do not get stuck on a failure and try again.

17. It is better to know your body
When you talk about knowing your body, you want to talk about female masturbation. It is common that young women (and even women) feel embarrassed by this practice alone to have fun at any time of the day. Besides the pleasant side, there is the practical side.

During your sex education classes, you are shown schemas of the genital devices forgetting to tell you that each person has its specificities. The best way to discover what makes you feel good and especially how to reach orgasm, remains masturbation. When you lose your virginity, you will be better able to guide your partner and tell him what makes you really happy.

18. First time: the most important thing is to really want

Never do, oh big ever love with your partner because you feel obligated. If he is not ready to wait until you feel ready to go, he does not really like you. Sometimes hearing from your friends or friends about their first time and about sex in general can make you feel “late” or missing out on something great.

You take the first comer by convincing you that the first time is not so important and that it is only a necessary step before the beginning of your sex life. But in a few years, when you think about it again, you may regret your rush. As the phrase “everything in its time” says!