The Best Italian Desserts

1. Tiramisu

A dessert originating in the north of Italy, created in the fifties made from layers that are served cold. Tiramisu comes from the expression “ti tira su”, o kind of”snack”. Between the seventies, eighties and nineties, the recipe ingredients: eggs and sugar shakes, Savoiardi sponge cakes dipped in espresso coffee and cocoa powder.


2. Crostata


The second of our Italian desserts is Crostata. It is an Italian pie traditionally prepared by folding the edges of the dough over the jam filling, usually with a cherry, peach, apricot or strawberry flavor. The crostata can also be filled with pieces of fresh fruit and custard, in this way it is better known as torta di frutta (‘fruit cake’). A typical variety of the center of Italy called crostata di ricotta replaces jam with ricotta mixed with sugar, cocoa or pieces of chocolate and anisetta.


Gelato is a regional variant of ice cream, because despite being made with the same ingredients and having the same aroma, it has a lower amount of fat and sugar. It is said that it was the original chef from Florence, Bernardo Buontalenti who in 1565 invented ice creams like those we know today, prepared with their innovative refrigeration techniques. However, the popularity of the gelato was until the 1920s and 1930s, when the first ice cream cart was developed in the city of Varese, in northern Italy

4. Helado napolitano

In the fourth place of Italian desserts is Neapolitan ice cream. It is composed of three layers of flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The first recipes used different flavors, but in the end the three prevailed together in the same mold. According to the legend the ice cream Napolitano is not known in the Italian city. It was created by Neapolitan emigrants who arrived in the United States at the end of the 19th century. It is based on a type of Naples ice cream called tortoni, but they used chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors as the most popular in the United States.

6.- Sfogliatelle


A typical and traditional sweet of Neapolitan cuisine. They are named for the use of sfoglia or puff pastry and a combination of dried fruit, sugar and a liquor known as Limoncello, coated with a little semolina paste. Throughout Italy there are different sfogliatella, nevertheless the authentic Neapolitan sfogliatella is called: sfogliatella riccia…

Certainly Italy will surprise you with its traditional sweets. According to one of the best Italian gastronomic magazines Dissapore, the top 20 classic Italian desserts are:

Pastiera Neapolitan
Pistacchi cake
Cioccolato di Modica
Brown Glacé
Cantucci di Prato
Granita Siciliana
Cannolo Siciliano
Caprese cake
Sfogliatella Riccia
Focaccia Dolce
Cassata Siciliana
Pasta di Cacao