Vitaminwater will Give You $100G if You don’t Touch the Smartphone

Coca-Cola’s company Vitaminwater announced an unusual competition, the winner of which will receive $ 100,000. To do this, it only needs to hold out for one year without using a smartphone. At first glance, the test is quite simple, but do not rush to conclusions. According to numerous polls, every second participant does not represent his life without a smartphone.

A volunteer who has decided to participate in the competition needs to send his photo to his Vitaminwater corporate account on Instagram or Twitter, accompanying him with a detailed story about why he wants to take a break from his phone and how he plans to use the free time – without social networks, instant messengers and so on. The application must be submitted before January 8, 2019. To interest the jury, given four attempts.

After that, the board of representatives of the company will select one participant, allowing him to use a simple push-button cell phone (calls, SMS messages) of the 1996 sample for a year.

Despite the fact that the applicant for a solid cash prize will not be constantly monitored, one  should be ready to report on the time spent with the help of … a lie detector.