10 Minutes Revolutionary Test to Diagnose Cancer

Australian researchers have developed a 10-minute revolutionary test to diagnose cancer, which may help in early detection and treatment, possibly years before the onset of symptoms.

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have revealed a new blood test that can detect cancer in the body in just 10 minutes and depends on the discovery of a DNA fingerprint that appears in the case of cancerous tumors.

The test could also be performed by sampling tissue, the scientists said.

The researchers found the test, which will open up new avenues for early detection of the disease, after they discovered a “biomarker” that refers to several types of cancer.

“It was difficult to identify a simple sign of this complex disease,” said researcher Matt Trouw. “Even one disease, such as breast cancer, has several types that need several tests.

However, researchers have found a marker that appears in all types of breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon, rectum and lymphoma, suggesting it may be a “general sign of all cancers.”

The test, reported by the journal Nature Communication on Wednesday, uses a liquid that changes color with cancerous cells anywhere in the body.

Scientists have discovered that the DNA of the cancer-infected and ordinary DNA-infected organisms binds differently to minerals, acting differently in water, so scientists added small particles of gold to the water, turning the liquid into pink.

If the DNA of the cancer is dropped into the water, it attaches to the metal molecules and the water remains the same color, but the normal (healthy) DNA attaches to the gold in a different way, turning the color of the water into blue.

It is expected that this test will be used, along with other periodic tests conducted by patients, such as measuring the proportion of cholesterol in the body.

The researchers work with UniQuest, a commercial company, to further develop and eventually license their findings.

In addition, the grant supported the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation to promote the diagnosis of cancer diagnosis.

Hülya Karahan: the Faounder