Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Working at Home

When working at home, the dividing line between work and personal affairs is always easy to become ambiguous, working time is reduced, and work efficiency is reduced. What is the reason why people’s efficiency in working at home is reduced, and what can be done to increase efficiency?

The reason for the decrease in the efficiency of working at home

Currently in the United States, nearly one in five people choose to work from home. They were supposed to work 7 or 8 hours a day. Not only did they not work harder because of the wealth of time, but many people actually only work 1 hour a day. Another three adults said that they are very relaxed at work at home, usually working in pajamas.

This is a survey from a company in the United States. They surveyed more than 5,000 Americans working from home. Among them, three adults said they would work for more than 8 hours, four adults said they would work at home for 4 to 7 hours a day, and others It’s less pitiful. Perhaps their boss would collapse upon seeing such an investigation.

Specific to the pitiful reason for the lack of working hours at home, psychologists have also made some analysis. The efficiency of working at home is average. The main reason is that family chores can distract attention, and people’s lazy psychology has become the main factor. Studies have shown that 30 adults said they would have the problem of delaying time at home and would deliberately avoid work tasks by doing housework first. Two adults choose to watch TV to avoid work, and two adults choose to play with their pets first, while the others are always interrupted by their children at home.

But these seem to be just some excuses. The lack of supervision when working at home is the culprit. Psychologists say, “Lazy psychology is human nature, and it will naturally manifest itself when there is no pressure. However, without the supervision of the boss when going to work at home, most employees have a safe psychology, thus relaxing their requirements.” For this reason, psychologists suggest that company bosses should make a daily plan for those who work from home to avoid the problem of low efficiency.

Ways to improve work efficiency at home

1. Clean up an office for yourself, or at least a work area, this will be your working place

If you don’t have a separate room as an office, you can work at the table, although this is not ideal. If you put your laptop in front of the TV, you will face many temptations. You must want to make sure that your home office has everything you need. This could be an additional phone line, whether it’s a landline or Skype. Buy a good desk, chair, and computer so that you can work comfortably, but don’t be too comfortable, you will relax.

2, take a long time to work

Working from home can make your working hours more flexible, but if you are often interrupted, it will be difficult to get things done. Try to make sure that you take a large amount of time to work. For example, if you need to work for 8 hours, divide it into 3 hours, 2 hours, and 3 hours. If you need to run errands or other chores, arrange them at intervals of time blocks.

3. Develop the habit of leaving home and going for a walk every day

Nothing makes you crazy more than staying at home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Go for a walk outdoors to clear your mind and enhance your endurance for long-term work.

4. Create a daily to-do list

Because it is easy to get lost while working at home, the to-do list can make you clear your progress. Although I am not a person who likes to make schedule lists frequently, I find this to be very beneficial, and when I slack off, it clearly shows the tasks I have not completed.

5. Don’t do multiple tasks at the same time

Although some people can indeed handle many things at the same time, for most people, it is more efficient to deal with one thing one by one. Needless to say, design, programming, writing, and other tasks that require concentration. No matter what you do, don’t try to get in here or there. It’s better to focus on one thing.