WhatsApp in Trial for Selected Users Allows Video Calls Via Computer

Make video calls and voice calls on WhatsApp: The world’s largest messaging platform conducts an experiment for selected users and allows them to make video and voice calls through the app on the computer.

The world’s most popular messaging platform is being updated, and these days it is enabling selected users to make video and voice calls over the computer. So far in order to make these calls or alternatively answer them, one had to use a smartphone, or have a call through Messenger Rooms (Facebook’s video platform that supports up to 50 participants simultaneously).

WhatsApp may believe that thanks to the platform’s great popularity around the world, users will prefer to make video or voice calls directly through the computer, which will cause users to forgo the procedure of opening a call on Google Hangout or alternatively Zoom. Of course this is a slightly limited platform that does not allow the video or conversations to be recorded, but in conversations between friends or informal conversations, the same functions are usually not use.

At this point it is not clear when the function will be available to all users if at all, and the new buttons have been added above the WhatsApp conversation pane with two new icons: a phone icon and a video camera icon and next to them is written “Beta”. The button appeared on our computer without us doing or downloading any special software, so it seems that the option is already dormant in the existing interface, and in one command, the option will be available to everyone when WhatsApp decides.

According to online reports, it seems that not only those who use the app will benefit from the new function, but also those who use the web interface. At this point WhatsApp has not commented on the update, nor is it clear when it will be available to all users, if at all.

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