Why We Come to Cry for No Apparent Reason

Feeling emotions is a natural part of the human experience. Joy, anger, grief, all of these emotions are reactions of the brain to life events, and are perfectly natural. There are times when even anger, which many consider misplaced or sometimes inappropriate, is a healthy and justified reflex. Regardless, all of these emotions play a huge role in our overall well-being. But, as long as you feel like breaking down, and tears come and go for no reason, it’s good to ask yourself the right questions. If crying is universal and can occur anywhere, anytime, tears are good for health, because on the one hand, they protect the eyes, and on the other hand, allow us to evacuate strong emotions. . There is no set standard for how many tears are beneficial to you because everyone is different, but it is important to monitor your habits and pay attention to your emotional state. In fact, sometimes the reasons why you cry or you can’t stop crying are totally unknown to you, and other times you take a while to realize how many tears you’ve shed lately than when you take a little hindsight. Crying for no reason and in an uncontrolled manner makes you feel that tears come easily and are difficult to calm and stop. There are reasons for these reactions. Remember, it is important to take care of yourself, and to consult and ask for help if you feel the need.

Why do I want to cry for no reason? What are the causes ?
There are still many questions around tears, who cries more, why, how emotional tears come about. Studies on crying and its effects are also flawed, as the information collected is self-reported by people who participate in these studies, making the results inconsistent. Crying is a communication tool that shows those around you that you are feeling something. Each person is different and can cry more or less depending on their own sensitivity and emotionality, and depending on their ability to openly share their emotions. Studies show that women generally cry more than men. Certainly, but what are the causes? We are going to go through the reasons why it happens that we cry inexplicably.

Hormones As studies show that women tend to cry more than men, the theory that hormones play a role in how we “cry” and affect us all differently. Testosterone, a hormone present at higher levels in men, would prevent tears from falling, while prolactin, present in greater numbers in women, would make us cry more easily. Hormones largely dictate how the human body works and therefore different hormone levels can cause a wide range of symptoms. If a factor occurs that disrupts your hormonal system in any way, such as trouble sleeping, stress, or taking medication, it could be that as a result it is also affecting you making you cry more than you do. habit.

Pregnancy it is not always easy to have a baby and crying more during pregnancy is common. Feelings of joy or sorrow can trigger a lot of tears while you are pregnant. The reasons behind these crying attacks are different: hormonal changes and spikes, exhaustion due to drastic body changes, feeling overwhelmed by the preparations for the arrival of a baby, not to mention the greater risks of having to cope. to depression during pregnancy.

Outbursts of Crying Due to Stress and Anxiety Stress is a normal reaction to certain events that we face in life. Stress makes the body and mind more attentive to what is going on around you. But constant stress can be the manifestation of anxiety disorders. Anxiety is a scourge that keeps you from doing what you want to do and completely ruins your life. Anxiety is by definition an emotional disorder that can affect your ability to deal with and control your emotions. It is a grueling pathology that subjects the body to.

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But, as long as you feel like breaking down, and tears come and go for no reason, it's good to ask yourself the right questions.

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