WinPlus 6T Face for iPhone XS Max in Speed Test

In recent years, iPhone XS Max has developed a wide range of competition with some of the leading Android smartphones released this year. The videos have confirmed Apple’s victory over its competitors in most important tests. Now will Apple’s leadership continue there? A flagship phone launched this year has the ability to overcome iPhone XS Max.

PhoneBuff, which specializes in this type of testing, has released a new video in which the OnePlus 6T has been developed in direct competition with the iPhone XS Max. As PhoneBuff explained, OnePlus has won against the iPhone in the past, although the most important question now is whether the OnePlus wins on the iPhone or whether the Apple A12 Bionic processor on the iPhone XS Max will be stronger than OnePlus?

In the first round, the iPhone XS Max managed to win the OnePlus 6T, which saw applications open from scratch on both phones. The iPhone XS Max took one minute and 47 seconds, although the OnePlus 6T did not take longer with one minute and 56 a second.

The second round, in which applications in the background are reopened, the OnePlus 6T has oddly encountered difficulties, despite the fact that it has twice as much RAM as the iPhone XS Max. On this tour, the iPhone XS Max took about 40 seconds, while the OnePlus 6T took about 50 seconds. Of course, speed is only one factor when it comes to determining the quality of the phone, so do not think about how good the OnePlus 6T phone is based on this test.

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