Mobile Game SEGA Heroes

SEGA Heroes is an entertaining puzzle game that brings back the many memories of many gamers by collecting most of Sega’s popular characters. Join the game with Zoomy.

Sega is one of the oldest video game companies that has played an important role in the upcoming and upcoming industry. The fascinating competition between Sega and Nintendo in the 80’s and 90’s has created a memorable era for gamers who are never forgotten. Games like the Golden Ax and the Street of Rage are some of Sega’s revolutionary games that have inspired a lot of gamers’ childhood memories. But without a doubt, the most successful piece produced by Sega is the Sonic Games Series, which at some point seriously threatened the Nintendo and Mario Empire with the video game industry. Though by the end of the 90s, the Sega’s golden era has started to decline, but the success of the company has always been named by the gamers of that era forever. But these days Sega has also been able to take a stand on the mobile platform; it’s Sega Forever, which re-releases Sega’s old games for mobile to release new games. The Android and SEGA Heroes iPhone game is one of the new games that we’ve been introducing.

SEGA Heroes is a puzzle game with a gameplay based on similar shapes next to each other, or so-called Matching. All of Sega’s famous characters are in the game, from Sonic and Dr. Agman to X-Betler and Death Eder. At the beginning of the game, among the various characters, the two characters will be open to you to go through the forces of the negative character of the story called Dremagen. During the battle, each of these characters is identified by a blue, yellow, green and red colors. To attack your enemies, you need to place the colored forms at least in the bottom half of the page at least three times together. If you do that for a particular color, a character that is marked with the same color will attack your opponents and damage them. At each step, you must defeat your enemies several times, in the end, get the rewards for that stage. On top of each of your opponents, there is a number that indicates the turn of his attack; for example, the number two means that after two times the move by you is handed over to your opponent so that he will attack your forces. Slowly In addition to the four colors mentioned, there are also violet pieces in the game, which, if combined, will increase the power and damage of all your heroes during each stage.

At each level, you can fight the four heroes with maximum. Each of the game’s characters has its own abilities; each time placing the same shapes in a row or column, the box below the image of the game characters is filled in. If you fill out this box for each character, you can use its main ability to attack your enemies. As already mentioned, each of these characters has their own abilities; for example, the ability of X-Butler (one of the main characters of the Golden Ax game) to target several enemies simultaneously; while Belize (one of the characters in the Street of Rage game) will attack only one of your enemies, but instead will bring more harm to her. To free up various game characters, you must find a certain number of special pieces for each hero called Hero Shards by completing their various stages. You will also receive a number of coins at the end of each stage, with the help of which you will be able to upgrade your heroes level. In addition to the storyline, the game has three other parts, including the online section, each of which will gradually increase with your level. Game makers have promised that they will add the ability to form the Guild with other players in the upcoming releases. All in all, although SEGA Heroes does not have much new gameplay, rejoicing with Sega’s unforgettable characters is so attractive that it will tempt players to download and experience the game.

The SEGA Heroes is a well-designed puzzle game that aims to revitalize nostalgic memories of gamers. Sure, revisiting many of Sega’s popular characters can be exciting for those remembered for years. This game has been released for free on Android and iOS platforms. To get the SEGA Heroes game, just log into your device’s Storm via the links below and download it for free.