Zara Products are Online in 106 Countries

With this expansion Zara is already present in 202 markets.
Despite the growth, online purchases represent 10% of the net sales of the Inditex group.The flagship brand of the Inditex Group will be available in 106 additional countries, according to the company’s announcement.

Territories there are African countries, and several areas of the Caribbean and Indonesia.
Among the new conquered territories there are several African countries, including Angola, the Ivory Coast, Senegal or Ghana. The online shopping option also opens in several parts of the Caribbean and Indonesia.

In a statement issued by the company, he explained that Zara’s global collections for women, men and children will be available in a total of 202 markets, encompassing both the physical stores and the online platform.

Thus, many countries and territories that do not have Zara physical stores available will be able to access a specific platform starting today to make their purchases online. This global online store will be available in English and French. Orders will be processed in euros and shipped from Spain. Thus the group has developed a system capable of adjusting prices to each country, including shipping costs or customs.

However, of those 202 markets, 47 of them will still lack an online option, despite this latest boost. From Inditex they maintain that the company will continue promoting online purchases, and that its objective remains as the original, that all its brands are available online by 2020.

This expansion is a gesture of clear support to ecommerce by the group of Amancio Ortega. Or an attempt to improve, because despite its size, Inditex figures are not too aligned with an increasingly online market. Thus, despite the 41% increase during 2017, online sales represent only 10% of the net sales of the Inditex group.

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Hülya Karahan: The Founder