Samsung’s Notch Capabilities on the “Infinity Display”

Before the flexible displays come. This shows the roadmap for new display technologies shown by the manufacturerin the SDC18 keynot and Samsung is testing the notch’s capabilities on the “Infinity Display

From AMOLED to the Edge and the Infinity Display: Samsung has been a significant contributor to display technology in recent years. At the SDC18 developer conference in San Francisco, the South Korean company is now giving an outlook on upcoming developments. The “Infinity Flex Display” presented yesterday evening is just an intermediate step on the way to rollable and stretchable displays.

Interesting in the roadmap presented by Samsung in the keynote, however, is also the stage before the “Infinity Flex Display”, which will go into mass production in the coming months and should probably be launched in 2019 on a Galaxy F called smartphone model in the market. This preliminary stage includes new variants of the “Inifnity Display” that Samsung introduced in 2017 with the Galaxy S8 (Plus)

These are full-surface displays with small varieties of so-called Notch, the recess in the display panel for front camera and sensors. “Infinity U” includes, for example, a semi-oval shaped Notch à la Essential Phone, “Infinity V” an angular version and “Infinity O” a round Notch sitting on the side as with the Asus Zenfone 6.

Fourth variant shown is a “New Infinity” called display, which apparently has no recess. Here, the manufacturer could put as usual on narrow margins. However, Samsung may also be considering building a smartphone with a sliding mechanism to extend the front camera, similar to the Oppo Find X.

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