5 Technologies that North Korea Developed Secretly

North Korean media reports on the achievements of their own country. Here is a technology that was quietly developed by North Korea:

1. Arirang Smartphone

Arirang, which was taken from the title of Korean regional folk song, was North Korea’s first attempt to make a North Korean original smartphone.

This smartphone was announced in 2013, with direct supervision and promotion from President Kim Jong-Un.

However, this smartphone cannot actually be used properly. Because, besides using a modified version of Android, the functionality is questionable.

Moreover, there is no internet in North Korea, there is only intranet service from North Korea’s only telecommunications provider, Koryolink.

2. Kwangmyong Intranet

North Korean can use a few domains that are under the control of the North Korean government. This domain, which is a national intranet service, is named Kwangmyong.

Kwangmyong itself is not commonly used at home or personally, because intranets are more often used in libraries, universities, or government organizations.

In the Kwangmyong intranet, it is estimated that there are almost 5,000 government-controlled websites.

Most of the contents of the website are news about the government about the activities of the  leader, Kim Jong-Un.

3. Manbang Streaming Service

Manbang is arguably North Korea’s ‘Netflix’. This is a service for those who have excess money to be able to watch on-demand programs.

First launched in 2016, Manbang has slightly more content than regular television, and there are English and Russian language learning programs.

Like Netflix, Manbang can also be accessed by video category just by writing keywords.

4. Hwasong-10 Missile

North Korea, the most sophisticated technology of the country is ballistic missiles .

This missile named Hwasong-10, which had raised tension between countries from the US and North Korea.

However, the making of the Hwasong-10 received a lot of help from the Soviet Union since the early 90s.

Hwasong-10 bears a lot of trial failures, but ultimately managed to make the US fire a beard because North Korea claims that this missile can reach the island of Guam.

5. Tablet Samjion

Samjiyon is a tablet released in 2012, with a modified Android base like Arirang mentioned above.

Just like Arirang, Samjiyon has a browser but can only be used to access the intranet. Another feature of this tablet is a TV tuner that only displays North Korean official television.

In this tablet there are several applications such as the Angry Birds Rio that has been translated, as well as the Chinese-language war game.

In addition, there is an online book application filled with books about Kim Il-Sung who is the first President of North Korea, a book on children’s ethics, as well as Korean language textbooks.