7 Effective Ways to Overcome Loss of Motivation

No matter who you are, there will always be times when you feel that you have lost motivation and don’t want to do anything. Even very efficient and successful people will have times when they are not motivated. However, it was their way of dealing with this “low” time that allowed them to move on and helped them accomplish those great things.

Motivation is one of the keys to pushing you to take action and getting you to act every day. If you are not motivated, you will delay what should be done. Eventually, you will even abandon your project or task altogether.

This is what happens to most people. For example, some people want to get rich by investing or operating their own business on the Internet. However, whenever they need to study an investment plan, build their own website or write a report, they procrastinate and feel no motivation. This is where most people give up.

Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem. Here are seven ways to overcome the loss of motivation.

1. Remember why you did it in the first place
If you feel unmotivated when you want to write an article, try to think about why you want to do it. The reason you do something is the driving force behind everything you do. Only when your reason is strong enough and emotional enough, will you complete the task at all costs.

When you feel unmotivated, it is because the reason behind what you are doing is not strong enough. Think about it, why do people quit smoking? Most of the time, people quit smoking because they have a strong reason. If they continue to smoke, they may suffer serious health problems and may lose their loved ones.

So why would you do this? Do you know why you want to achieve your goals? Make sure your reason is strong and emotional. When you feel unmotivated, think about why you do it.

2. Imagine: if you do it, you will succeed, if you don’t do it, you will regret it
Imagination, is it really useful? Yes, as long as you are willing to do it, it will work. Visualization is a very powerful tool for us, and it’s free. Whenever and wherever you want, you can think about what you want. If you think this kind of imagination is not feasible, then you can try to follow me for a vivid imagination:

You go to the kitchen, open the refrigerator door, you see a big yellow lemon, you take it out. Then you take a knife and cut the big lemon in half.

Imagine this detail as vividly as possible. After cutting the lemon, pick up half and drip the lemon juice into your mouth. Feel the pressure in your hands, hear the squeezing sound, and imagine the sour lemon juice entering your mouth. Now, do you feel that there is more saliva in your mouth, or is there nothing?

It is very likely that if you persevere and visualize it vividly, more saliva will be produced in your mouth. So, this is obviously just an imagination, not real, but why do you have more saliva in your mouth? This is because your brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not. Your brain can only see it, but it cannot tell whether it is real.

This is why visualization is such a powerful tool. Think about it, if your dream is to drive a Mercedes, imagine a vivid picture of you driving. Imagine the model you want, the color, the feeling of sitting in the car, the smell of leather, the feeling of the steering wheel, and the roar of the engine. You think your idea will come true someday, right?

The point is that when you imagine and imagine things in your mind, you have the motivation to do things. When you dream of the car you want, you will generate motivation from within. So when you want to procrastinate or don’t have any motivation, try to do so.

3. Create a supportive environment
Do you know that your environment affects your emotions? How do you feel when you go to stay in a very high-end and luxurious hotel? Do you feel that you are more valuable and more confident? This is especially true if you go to a less developed area and live in a luxury hotel. You will feel more confident and superior.

You will be the person “around” you. If you always deal with successful people who talk about business, then you will also learn and join the ranks of talking about business. This is how you become motivated and how to use your environment to increase energy levels. On the other hand, if you mix with negative people and they are always talking about gossip and others, then you will feel negative and lose the motivation to work.

So, arrange your work space into a good supportive environment. This way you wake up every morning and want to go to work, because the surrounding environment makes you feel good and motivated. This is why you will see some people choose to use cars and expensive watches to help them increase their level of self-confidence. Remember, your environment is very important and it will affect you. Therefore, change your environment instead of letting it manage you.

4. Change your physiology and keep moving
Motivation generates emotion. When you feel depressed and have no motivation to do your work, change your physical state. Try this exercise: try to feel depressed and sad, think about all the sad things that happen to you, and then pay attention to your physical state. How do you breathe? Are your shoulders drooping or up? How is your facial expression? Where is your hand, are you looking up or down?

When you are in a sad state, your physiology is maintained in some way. On the contrary, if you feel good and energetic, your physiology will also improve in some way. For most people, when they feel good and motivated, their breathing will be faster, their gestures will be more active, their speaking speed will be faster, and their eyes will look upward in some way.

You can tell directly from a person’s face whether he is sad or happy. When you change your physical state, you will also change your overall state. Therefore, if you do not want to be in a bad state that is useless, try to pay attention to your own physical state and change it accordingly.

5. Let others inspire you
Reading a book, listening to music or watching something inspiring will definitely refresh you. All you can do is spend at least 30 minutes reading an inspiring book every morning before getting up. In this way, you can be sure to start in the right state, even if it is a difficult day, you can get through.

Both video and audio are very useful. For example, when you are depressed and unmotivated, try to watch some inspirational videos or listen to some inspirational speeches by great people. You will soon cheer up and get ready to go again.

The best way is to put yourself in the right mindset and state before starting a new day. This is why reading is so important because it can change lives. Almost everyone who has made outstanding achievements in life reads every day.

6. Dream big, start small, act now
If you can apply it to your life, it is a very powerful principle. When you have dreams, you must have big dreams so that your dreams can inspire you. However, when you start, you must start small because you want to make it a habit so that you will automatically take consistent action every day.

When you lose motivation; start small. Just like you have no motivation to call customers, try to start small and make a few calls first. Then continue to get momentum from there. Once you start to act, motivation will follow and you can continue to do more.

Start with small things and gradually increase. For example, if you want to exercise five days a week, try to make a plan and start small. Even if there are only five minutes a day, stick to it. The key is to build motivation and make it easier to get started. Once you start the engine and gradually increase the power, you will reach a higher level.

7. Take a break
Sometimes you just want to take a break. Remember, success is not the end; this is a journey you need to go through for a long time. This is not a sprint, but a marathon. Many people mistakenly believe that success is a great thing, and success will come overnight. But the fact is quite the opposite.

Almost all successful people with amazing achievements can do this because they persist for long enough and take consistent actions. Of course, they never give up. It is not something that can be created in days, weeks, or even months. Real success requires years of accumulation.

Therefore, make sure you get enough rest, rest if necessary. You need to understand your own abilities and how much you can do. If you have completed your work, you can reward yourself and take a break. You will notice that after a break, you will feel more energetic, more motivated, and ready to face the world again.