970 EVO Plus Series Launched in 50 Countries

Samsung Electronics announced that NVMe (M.2) SDD ‘970 EVO Plus Series’ will be launched in 50 countries including Korea, USA, China and Germany.

The 2TB (terabytes) model, the largest capacity of the ‘970 EVO Plus Series‘, is the highest speed of the M.2 SDD based on the NVMe interface.

The models include 5th generation 512Gb 3-bit V NAND, 10-nanometer 2GB LPDDR4 mobile DRAM, nickel-coated Phoenix controller with enhanced thermal performance, and firmware optimized for speed and autonomic temperature management.

It features continuous read (3,500MB / s) and write (3,300MB / s) six times faster than SATA SSDs, and random read and write rates of 6200,000 IOPS and 560,000 IOPS, respectively.

This is the speed at which a high-resolution FHD movie (3.7 GB) can be stored in about 1 second.

Compared with the existing ‘970 EVO’ SSD, the continuous write speed is increased by 1.3 times and the random write speed by 1.16 times.

The new ‘970 EVO Plus Series‘ delivers up to 1,200 TB of Total Bytes Written (TBW) or 5-year warranty.

“Since launching the ultra-fast SSD market with the release of NVMe SSD ‘950 PRO’ for consumers in 2015, we have been driving consumer market growth with innovative products,” said Wang Jung-moo, “We will rapidly expand the premium SSD market with the ‘970 EVO Plus’ that delivers extreme performance with V-NAND technology.”

By expanding the supply of ‘970 EVO Plus series’, Samsung Electronics plans to cope with the demand for premium SSD for consumers who need high performance such as high-resolution content work and high-end game.

The ‘970 EVO Plus Series’ offers four capacities in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB (April release) and the suggested retail price starts at $ 89.99.