ADOBE threatens its users because of old releases

ADOBE has angered its users after announcing its intention to sue users who rely on older versions even if they pay for the program.

According to the site published by the British “Daily Mail”, even customers who consistently pay for the use of Adobe applications threatened with prosecution to use older versions of the company’s programs, while the company sent a letter informing them of its users in which its policy towards customers who did not abide by the rules of the company.

Said Adobe in her e-mail: “We have stopped the old versions of applications Creative cloud, and in accordance with the agreed terms, it is no longer licensed to you by using these versions,” he added: “Please note that the continued use of suspended versions, it may make you liable to prosecution.”

For his part, a program users said by tensing: “It’s completely mad, I’ve paid the price of this product over the past three years, and now I do not have a license for the ownership of a sudden even though regularly batch every month.”