After 24 match Days FC Bayern who Beat Borussia Dortmund

After 24 match days, FC Bayern, who beat Borussia Dortmund  4-2 in the top game on Saturday evening, are still leading the table as usual. The lead over pursuers RB Leipzig is now only two points.

Majority supports tension in the championship battle
And while the Munich team recently approved a small phase of weakness, the Saxons have been in consistently strong shape for weeks. The Nagelsmann team has won seven of its last eight Bundesliga games. On Saturday there was a 3-0 away win at SC Freiburg. (The game for reading in the ticker)

In a representative survey for the Bundesliga barometer, 89.8 percent of those questioned stated that they support the new-found tension in the championship race.

Ski jumpers crown “awesome World Championships”
Nevertheless: Few can imagine a master other than Bayern Munich. 73.5 percent of the participants surveyed believe in the ninth championship in a row for the German record champions.

Fans: RB Leipzig only has outsider chances
Only 19.7 percent trust the Leipzigers to achieve the big coup. At least 6.8 percent of the fans surveyed even stated that neither Bayern nor Leipzig will be at the top of the table at the end of the current season. You voted for “Another”.

The duo’s closest pursuer at the top of the table is currently VfL Wolfsburg. Lower Saxony are in third place with 45 points, ten points behind Munich (55 points) and eight points behind RB Leipzig (53). (Schedule and all results of the Bundesliga)